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    ''Over come Stress and anxiety with Omer khan''

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  • Book a consultation with Indrani Sinha Seth

    Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotional Empowerment Technique, Theta Healing, Reiki,Cell Regeneration,​ Gastric Mind Banding, Indrani is the sole certified ( from The Newton Institute, USA) LBL hypnotherapist in the MENA region. She facilitates exclusive​ Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy regression sessions as per The Newton Institute program.

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  • Family Bonding

    Living in a time when the internet is at its highest peak with wifi and connection between humans predominantly being on social media; has alienated us from the pleasures of human interactions through physical presence. We at Miracles Wellness would like to bring back the joy of laughing, enjoying and sharing experiences through Family Bonding, our event every Friday that creates space for parents and kids to come together and create holistic well being through Yoga and Meditation. This helps improve communications between family members, actively strengthens family bonds through mutual respect and valuing each other.

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  • Therapy Courses & Certifications

    Miracles Courses

    At Miracles Well-being Center we offer a wide variety of comprehensive programs, courses and workshops that enable individuals to transform their lives as well as the lives of others in a profound way.

Sound & Pranic healing Meditation
Mon & Sat

Sound & Pranic healing Meditation

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Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga
Every Sun

Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

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Usui Reiki Healing Level 1 Course with Omer Khan
Fri, 29, 11-5pm

Usui Reiki Healing Level 1 Course with Omer Khan

Budding Yogis ( Age 4-15) yrs
Every Fridays

Budding Yogis ( Age 4-15) yrs

Access Conciousness: Energetic Facelift Workshop
Friday, September 29

Access Conciousness: Energetic Facelift Workshop

Past Life Regression Meditation
Wed, Sep 27

Past Life Regression Meditation

Shamanic Healing with Power Animals & Plants
Every Saturday

Shamanic Healing with Power Animals & Plants

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Awaken Your Divine Feminine
Every Tuesday

Awaken Your Divine Feminine

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