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Aastha Dhawan DubaiAastha Dhawan believes that everything starts from the space of gratitude. We can truly create magic in our lives every single day by making the choice to do so. Every single thought and emotion we feel, creates our reality. And if you don’t like the reality you are living, then maybe you got to make different choices,

Aastha Dhawan grew up in Delhi where education has always been an inherent part of her life. She started her career as a teacher, however the turning point in her life was when she went through a traumatic experience. This inspired her to seek answers about life, to resolve issues and empower herself. Little did she know that this would be a new chapter in her life which will open many new possibilities for her. She realized that her calling in life is to enable and empower people to heal themselves and have a happier fulfilling life.

Today Aastha practices various forms of alternative therapy such as Access Consciousness, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). She is also a NLP practitioner and is pursuing a two year program in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling from Essex Institute, UK.

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What they say about Aastha …

“Aastha is an amazing healer. A lot of things changed in my life after I did an SRT session with Aastha. Thank you and keep up the great work.” – Diana Hudson

“Aastha is very understanding and patient. It was very difficult for me to deal with things in my life when I met Aastha. She helped me see the bigger picture and everything started falling into place. I recommend everyone meet her. Even if it’s just for a chat. She is very inspiring. Thank you for doing the work that you do. Stay blessed.” – Prakash Mehra

“I couldn’t believe how easy it was to heal and clear and my issues when I met Aastha. I have tried many other therapies before, but nothing has been so  fast and effective. Aastha is a great healer!” – Aarthi Chandramani

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