Farheen Hussian

A successful professional with 16 years of experience in people and organizational transformation, Farheen Husain is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Spiritual Mentor.

Faced with life situations that had her questioning the purpose of continuing existence itself, Farheen found freedom in the knowing that the power of creation lies within, awakening within her the passion and determination to share this knowledge with others so they too could open to unlimited possibilities.

Over the past 2 years, the quest for knowledge being a constant, Farheen has acquired practitioner certifications across the wide spectrum, meeting and learning from renowned thought leaders, coaches, healers and spiritual teachers.

Her experience within the corporate arena, working alongside top executives in some of the primer brands in the region, coupled with her intuitive and claircognizance abilities, enables her to meld teachings and create a pragmatic approach for discovering oneself and finding the courage to embrace one’s highest potential. Farheen Husain offers 360 Life Mentoring through Mind-Body-Energy healing techniques like hypnotherapy, energy balancing and health alignment, enabling you to consciously create Heaven On Earth!


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