Dr. Hanan Selim

Dr. Hanan Selim Known as “the pharmacist of the future”, Dr. Hanan is part of the world’s leading experts in high-performance, preventative and habit transformation healthcare. As a successful entrepreneur and owned 3 different companies, she is a trusted adviser and high-performance consultant to leaders, managers and senior executives in the Mena region. She graduated from the most prestigious clinical pharmacist doctorate program in America (St. John’s University, New York) and has invested over 25 years’ experience in healthcare, health retreats, educational seminars and cutting-edge alternative health methods’ certifications to help her clients gain a competitive advantage for themselves and their organization. She has received certifications for “Excellence in Healthcare quality” and preventative disease. She received awards for being a keynote speaker on “preventative and habit transformation healthcare” from the likes of Dr. Rashid Alleem’s 9th Annual Leadership & Management Congress Week.

Dr. Hanan’s research papers are included in books like the “21 Alleem Sustainable Development Goals which is introduced by H.E Dr. Rashid Alleem.

Dr. Hanan now does customized preventative and high-performance coaching with people around the world, keynote speaker at luxury health retreats in some of the most exotic locations and conducts seminars across the Mena region, to help people quickly integrate these simple, powerful and advanced solutions. Because of the results she’s seen in her own transformation and many of the people she has worked with globally, she knows it’s possible for you to access high performance using what she calls “Health and mind hacks”. She Formulated these hacks by combining her 25 years extensive experience in healthcare, NLPEA coaching certified from International Coach Federation (ICF), Mindfulness therapy, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing.

Dr. Hanan Selim is originally from New Jersey, USA and has been living in Dubai for 6 years. She has studied and worked in New York and speaks fluent English and Arabic. She’s on a mission is to inspire 6,666,666 lives by 2030 to maximize their peak performance while optimizing health and preventing disease.

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