Lawrence Michael Enderle

Sound Therapist and Energy Healer, Health RHYTHMS® Practitioner, Accredited Member of the Sound Healers Association – USA

Lawrence Michael Enderle is an internationally recognized Sound Therapist, professionally involved with Music, Sound and Vibration since 1986. He is a trained HealthRHYTHMS® Practitioner and lifetime member of the Sound Healers Association – USA.

Lawrence acquired a Business Administration Degree in Human Resources and achieved the status of Master Facilitator. This is a mark of excellence in facilitating personal and professional development and is the highest certification available in the industry.

While answering the call of his Lipan Apache Ancestors of Northern Mexico, Lawrence trained as an Energy Healer using ancient medicine from the Pawnee tradition and became a respected host for Sacred Space.

Since 1999, Lawrence has studied with Grand Masters in the United States, United Kingdom and Nepal to deepen his knowledge and gain valuable experience enabling him to combine Sound Therapy and Energy Healing.

Through private and public Sound Therapy and Energy Healing sessions, Lawrence restores health, harmony, wholeness and well-being to the body, mind, heart and spirit. He uses Tuning Forks, Native American Flutes, Buffalo Drums, Himalayan Singing Bowls and Gongs. He also uses the voice as a tool for healing through the modality of toning, harmonics and chant.

Lawrence has designed and delivered thousands of training programs, learning workshops, sound therapy and energy healing sessions, empowering retreats, community events and concert performances for diverse populations around the world.

Lawrence guides people to focus their intention and develop their intuition and higher self, while enhancing their spirituality and enriching their life’s journey. He combines thirty-five years of facilitating programs with the ancient and contemporary tools of sound, vibration and energy to help individuals and organizations evolve to their next level.

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