Malle was born and raised in Wales in the United Kingdom and is of Welsh-Estonian heritage.

She graduated from University with a degree in Business and French and specialized in Corporate Culture and Organizational Behaviour.

After University, she worked for large US corporations and had the opportunity to travel and live in many different countries. During this time she studied the main five religions of the World and this is reflected in her personality.

Malle is a qualified Motivation Coach, Master practitioner of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her aim is to help people move forward in their life and reach their true potential.

Reading Tarot for more than 30 years she has a straight forward and unique style that gives insight and clarity to clients.

Malle believes in everyday balance in life and practices martial arts and mindfulness meditation.

Areas of specialization; Coaching, motivation, relationships, empowerment and confidence, body language, addiction, weight-loss, stress and relaxation.

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