Mark Wentworth

Introducing Mark Wentworth

“A radical new approach to living colourfully and wholeheartedly”

Mark Wentworth’s radical new approach to colour helps us live meaningfully and wholeheartedly, so we can reach our full potential.

Over 30 years of ‘studying the depths of colour’, Mark has developed a unique method that helps us understand our past, live fully in the present and unlock our future.

And it’s not just the colours we choose that ‘reveal our truth’; through Mark’s Colour Profiling techniques, he accesses our individual barcode, a palette that helps us connect with our essential self, and overcome blocks in life, money and love.

Mark says: ‘I work with colour to help you recognise and remember your greatest potential. I believe we all have a purpose, a gift to share and a talent to develop. When you use your right colours people will connect with the essential ‘you’. It’s quite simply pure colour magic!’

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Private Session or Workshop

Colour Yourself Slim is a powerful session with the objective of supporting you to discover the hidden messages behind the extra kilos, and importantly how to achieve long-lasting results.

Through the silent yet profound language of colour you will discover the reasons behind your extra weight and why there has been a need to hold on to it. You will discover that although it’s a session about weight loss, it really is a session about liberating yourself from unconscious negative patterns, which often manifest as extra weight.

During this session you will find your very own colour prescription offering you new ways of relating to your body and empowering you to celebrate your own magnificence of being. I believe that you are worth uncovering who you really are and are truly worth it.

Everyone has a unique Colour Code, and it is this code that reveals your original blueprint of the life you were born to live, a life you love, and a life that only you can live. Your Colour Code then reveals the way to bring about the changes you desire in life. This exciting blend has the potential of a potent alchemy to offer you a bold new way of living more colourfully and wholeheartedly.

A Colour Profiling session can assist you with:

  • Making the right Life Choices and Life Changes
  • Fulfilling Career Potential
  • Creating happy Relationships
  • Solving Financial problems
  • Developing Business
  • Fertility
  • Clearing Ancestral patterns and Family issues
  • Losing weight

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