Meetu Singh

Meetu SinghMeetu Singh is a self-motivated, creative, energetic individual with a warm and caring personality.

During the course of her career she has worked in a multicultural environment, throughout which she has gained the experience and expertise to provide an exceptional personalized client care. Her uniqueness lies in her people’s skills of engaging and connecting with individuals at different levels.

Her passion lies in teaching Yoga, Fitness and inspiring people to be the best versions of who they are. Meetu has also represented Talise Fitness (Jumeirah Group of hotels) as their Brand Ambassador from October 2014-October 2015. During this time, she taught group yoga classes which included full moon and new moon yoga classes. She also represented them on various social and marketing events related to Fitness and Yoga. Meetu has taught many community yoga classes around Dubai and various other yoga classes whilst carrying out bespoke one on one individual private classes, teaching pranayama and meditation classes.

Over the last three years, she have studied extensively about metaphysics and trained in various healing modalities and techniques. She has certified in a few internationally recognized healing techniques and have offered healing sessions successfully with incredibly healing results. She believes she is an empath and uses her intuitive guidance to help and heal people.

Meetu continues to enrich peoples lives as a Healer and Teacher to help, heal and guide as many people as possible, bring joy to their lives and make this world a better place filled with happiness, love and peace.

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