Nadia Siddiqui

Nadia’s journey in meditations and holistic healing began when she set out on a personal venture towards self discovery. Exploring the intricacies of relationships and our energy bodies, Nadia recognized she had a special gift of intuition, healing and facilitation that could be a contribution towards anyone in need.

Nadia set off to attain her qualifications in modalities such as Crystal Therapy, Access Consciousness, Manifestation and various other energy-healing methods. She combines different tools and techniques to create customized therapy sessions for individuals, as she understands that everyone is unique and therefore the approach cannot be the same for all.

Apart from her private sessions, Nadia is also very well known for her guided meditation classes. Through intuition and the power of healing crystals Nadia takes individuals on a journey towards the inner self and all the possibilities that exist within us. She also conducts various successful workshops in Manifestation, Chakra Balancing, Candle work to simply name a few.

Nadia’s intention is to facilitate transformation in individuals in a way that is lasting and fulfilling.

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