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Nadine is an artist and a creative professional from Lebanon.

Nadine BekhaaziLiving in Dubai since 1999; Nadine started her career as a jazz singer since an early age and her passion for the stage led her to graduate from The Lebanese University of Fine Arts as an actress and director. in 2000 she had the opportunity to produce the opening ceremony for DEWA during the Dubai Summer Surprises and after her success she joined hands with her 2 sisters and founded together SCENEZ group productions company in Media City where they produced and directed more than 250 activities for kids from opening ceremonies to Musical theatre plays ,edutainment projects and catered for DSS,DSF, Qatar Festival, Oman Festival , Lebanon, Jordan and many more…

The 3 sisters came up with a vision of “let’s bridge the cultures with Theatre” and in 2005 they founded SCENEZ Drama and Arts Academy in DUCTAC where Nadine was the director and the producer and started teaching acting for kids and Produced 4 big musicals performed by her students “ The Wizard of Oz, Pinnochio ,Peter pan and Mamma Mia .

She coached Actors, presenters and singers to achieve their Peak performance and she used Drama Therapy to help kids overcome their fears,lift their self-esteem and confidence,find their potential and discover their inner powers and sculpt their talents.

“I was always fascinated by the the kids imagination and my interest in kids was growing day after day specially when I was blessed with my 2 kids Laeticia and Nicolas” she says Like all mothers, she started having thoughts about how to raise the kids and how to be a role model and teach her kids to be happy and successful…

In 2010 She decided to open an Edutainment center for kids in Marina “SUPER DOOPER” where she created activities for kids that enhance their talents and educate them through entertainment,fun and in a safe environment.

She was invited by many TV stations as guest to talk about positive parenting and how to choose activities for our kids that will help in their personal development and on how to create activities for family bonding and worked closely with the parents to help them become the role model of their kids.

Her researches , workshops and certifications in parenting, psychology for kids and in arts took her to another perspective of coaching and she became an NLP Coach for excellence, NLP practitioner for kids, parents & teachers , NLP Master Practitioner, Master of Hypnosis and Master of Timeline Therapy .

Nadine kept on adding to her knowledge basket and certifications to continue evolving under her theme of “ Happy Kids, Peaceful Future”.

As an Artist she still sings in prestigious events, gala dinners and weddings and her varied repertoire of oldies and french songs made her special as she sings in different languages. To add to her performance skills she flew to Las Vegas In February 2014 and got her Diploma in Stage Hypnosis and she turned her comedy stage hypnosis show into a motivational, empowering and fun experience.

She developed her culinary skills and created healthy and delicious recipes to add to her Postive Lifestyle and became a Theta healer to balance her Mind ,body and soul …

Today Nadine wants to share her experiences as a Mother, Artist and Entrepreneur with every person that is looking for making the best of their lives and Live happily ever after…

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