Nigora Normatova

Nigora Normatova - Health Coach Dubai


Inspired by the energy of the Sun, Nigora created the concept of Eat the Sun — a lifestyle advocating health, energy and harmony.

“Aside from a business degree, several language skills, and experience in the corporate world, my truth lies in helping people to achieve true balance with their body, mind and spirit. I’m a Certified Health Coach, Life Coach and a Yoga teacher. I love food, I love cooking and I love feeling good 24/7. My mission in life has become to pass on my knowledge and passion to as many people as possible. My health coaching practice has helped people to eliminate chronic stomach pains, insomnia, gout and other health concerns, and has brought the old saying “Let Food be thy medicine” back to Life. Eat the Sun is my dream come true, a successful venture that transforms people’s lives. Join me on my journey and let the Sunrays illuminate from within.”

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  • 6 Week Program
  • Corporate Wellness
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  • Yoga

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