Satish Shenoy

About the Facilitator
satish2In 1996 on a typically uneventful day at home, Satish had a spontaneous Near Death Experience (NDE). The experience left him deeply transformed and thus began his quest to seek answers to some of life’s bigger questions. At the same time there also arose in him a profound desire to find solutions to alleviate people’s day-to-day sufferings.

His search led him to India where over the years he persistently attended a series of intensives and processes on the sacred art of spiritual growth until he finally received the initiation of Awakening – a state of Consciousness where one functions consistently outside the realm of the mind.

Over the last 15 years, Satish has worked as a Mentor and Life Coach, involved in helping, guiding, and inspiring people from all walks of life. He has discovered and fine-tuned very successful meditation techniques for the workplace in the corporate world, for health & wellbeing, and for embarking on a journey toward discovering one’s Higher Self.

His personalized Source Energy Healing Sessions are most popular for healing strained relationships and for ridding oneself of psychological issues.

What can be resolved/addressed in private sessions?

1. Psychological issues (stress, depression, anxiety disorders, etc.)
2. Strained relationships
3. Health issues (backache, headache, migraine, joint pains, etc.)

If you are facing even one of the three issues listed above, we strongly recommend that you deal with it at the very earliest, as any one of these will automatically bring up the other two.

Know that all three are only symptoms of a dis-ease located much deeper within.

Using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and Energy Transfer methods, Source Energy Healing Sessions deliver subtle energies deep into you to bring about a healing at the very source of the problem. The healing energies work their way through the layers of the subconscious mind and into the unconscious till they identify the cause and start the remedy.

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