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Silk CeliaI’m a relationship expert for women and I assist my clients through my signature steps to his complete devotion to break the circle of constant frustration and pain so that they can live their ideal romance with a deeply connected and committed man.

Yet my biggest credential is that I transformed my love life from a soap opera into my own fairy tale using exactly 6 steps…

I’m a multi-language speaking Psychologist (M.A.) from Germany and I’ve been personally trained by coaching and training specialist and by the relationship expert Rori Raye. I have had a cross-cultural experience through my 15 years of Training and Counseling career.

My signature system combines the best from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NVNLP), Systemic Work (NVNLP), Rori Raye Relationship Coaching, and relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

I live a balanced lifestyle with yoga, fitness and healthy food choices. I love meeting and talking to people from all ways of life and I would love to meet YOU someday!

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