Soniyaa Singh

Soniyaa Singh International Holistic Facilitator, Energy Healer & Life DesignerSoniyaa Singh was born and raised in the UK, for the longest time in my life she met challenges head-on, learning & growing from each life lesson. By the age of 27 Soniyaa was a successful property portfolio consultant, owned companies which governed real estate giants of Dubai such as Al Attar, Lafi, Mostafa Bin Abdul Latif and HH Sheikh Osama Bin Sayed (Saudi Arabia).

Soniyaa fell in love with the power of Holistic/ Complimentary method during a trip to Asia a few years ago, where she realized how much fun life became in such a short period of time.  The techniques were easy to follow and they taught her how to address, acknowledge and release her deepest fears.

It was then that she decided to make it her personal mission in life to facilitate others on their path to self-discovery. 

Today, Soniyaa has dedicated herself to counseling, coaching and facilitating individuals from all walks of life.

Soniyaa also conducts a variety of Corporate Wellness Workshops, where she inspires people from different companies to excel beyond what they thought was possible personally as well as professionally.

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