Tatiana Ivanov

Tatiana is a holistic facilitator who enjoys guiding people in becoming aware of their own energy, power and creative abilities through her sessions, classes or meditations.

Tatiana believes that everyone is a powerhouse and you can make it work to your benefit. Through her sessions, workshops and classes, she will guide you on your own personal journey, helping you understand how the power of your thoughts and emotions sets YOUR energy into motion.

Her studies, research and practice of various energy modalities will help you understand why you are facing challenging situations but also how you can overcome them in order to become the creators of the life you desire.

Tatiana is a Certified SRT Consultant (Spiritual Response Therapy), Reiki Master, Violet flame Reiki Master, Ra-Sheeba Master.

List of Current Services

1. SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)
– Private Consultations

2. SPR – Spiritual Restructuring
– Private Consultations

3. Komyo Kai Reiki
– Private Consultations
– Courses: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (Master-Student), Level 4 (Master Teacher)
– Support Groups

– Private Consultations
– Meditations
– Workshops (Level 1, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4)

5. HEALTH/NUTRITION TALKS: Triple Jump to Purification Series

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