Amrit Chand

29 November 2015
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Crystal Healing for Your Home

29 November 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Crystal Healing for Your Home

Crystals have been known for centuries to have healing properties and benefits. Various crystals are used for different ailments, imbalances and remedies for the […]

5 May 2015
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What will it take?

5 May 2015, Comments: Comments Off on What will it take?

My daughter and I started a diary titled ‘What will it Take…?’ We started writing fun things like What will it take for us to […]

21 March 2015
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Health & Wellbeing Meditation

21 March 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Health & Wellbeing Meditation

Health & Wellbeing Meditation is a beautiful healing experience that takes you on an inner journey to explore your body and gives individuals an […]

27 November 2014
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The harvest of the year. A time for reflection and gratitude.

27 November 2014, Comments: 0

Traditionally in the United States the third Thursday in the month of November is Thanks Giving. This is a celebration to honour the first […]

8 February 2014
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What can I expect to experience during and after a Sound Therapy session?

8 February 2014, Comments: 0

During the session you will experience sounds from the instruments to relax the mind.  While in the relaxed state, Lawrence introduces energy-healing vibrational techniques […]

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