Color Therapy

The use of colour as a therapy dates back thousands of years; appearing in ancient texts from places such as India, Egypt and China. Colour Therapy aims to promote balance at the physical, mental and spiritual level, and to help us to benefit through enhancing our image and environment, the products we create and way we promote our work, with colour.

Colour Therapy can be used for specific personal problems be they physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual, as well as a general relaxation therapy.

We react physically, emotionally and psychologically to certain colours due to the frequency at which the colour energy vibrates as well as our sub-concious associations with color and what it means to us.

Our bodies absorb these vibrations and process this information every moment of our lives through the eyes and skin, via the colour energy that has been transferred to the foods we eat, and when the wavelength of a colour enters our personal electromagnetic field.

Ailments and emotional or spiritual problems can occur when there is an imbalance of colour energy within or around us. Colour Therapy aims to restore this balance either via physical absorbtion of the relevant colour energies, introduction of particular colours to the environment of the client or by using colour breathing exercises and meditations.

A Colour Consultation can be of great benefit to businesses and service providers, both as organisations and individuals.
With consideration to the nature of the business and use of its premises, choices for décor that maximise such things as productivity or customer comfort can be identified. In addition, advise can be given on which colours will present an appropriate corporate identity when used in logos and on business documents and / or websites.

Individual professionals attending consultations will be offered advice around which clothing choices will best engage an audience at an event, or how to use the colour of their wardrobe to project a desired image at a meeting or interview.

Most people like to use colour in their home environment. If you are considering a redecoration project a Colour Consultation can help you to select colours which not only complement use of each room, but also reflect the personalities of the people who live within your home.

Colour Therapy is not something that is simply ‘done to you’. A Colour Therapy consultation will include a treatment that is tailored to your needs, or advice on how to use colour to your best advantage in a personal or professional setting. In either case, it will provide you with ways in which to use colour in your everyday life to promote ongoing health, productivity and wellbeing.

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