Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch intuitive technique that works with all parts of the body using the basic organizing system, that in craniosacral therapy is called, the Breath of Life.

The Breath of life is the in-built dynamic wisdom that keeps order and health within the human physical and energetic bodies.

Healing takes place at a number of different levels, the most obvious to us is the physiological but it is also transformative on the emotional level as well.

The practitioner “listens” to and most importantly acknowledges the body’s physiological and energetic messages via the hands. Where problems exist, the person’s energy in any given area feels blocked, the practitioner acts as a resource to help the body adjust to a better way of functioning.

Our bodies have an ordering principle that is there from the moments of our emergence into being, from those first few simple cells.  The knowledge, of how we should grow into organs, limbs and tissues is all there from the beginning and our bodies are continuously reminded of that information, without the need for us to consciously think about it.  It is only when our outer environment – in the form of outside traumas, toxins and events, or our inner environment  – in the form of negative emotions, feelings and thoughts, overwhelms our system, that our ability to carry on that journey of health is interrupted and impeded.

What can be treated ?

Clients who have had back pain, TMJ issues, insomnia, injuries to joints, foot and leg pain and discomfort resulting from all kinds of accidents including horse-riding and car accidents, have reported back that their pain either went or was reduced dramatically.

I have seen women who have suffered physical and mental trauma in war zones, people suffering from depression, executives stressed by their high-powered jobs as well as airport workers working long hours, all responding positively to the light, intuitive treatment.

Children with ADHD and dyslexia show energetic patterns that are so overwhelming that it is no wonder that they move constantly, find it difficult to sleep, get angry easily and can’t get themselves organized, but time after time parents report back that their children have changed dramatically since their first treatment.

Who can be treated ?

I have treated new-born babies and 90-year olds… and all ages between.

Because the touch is so light and there is no stressful manipulation involved, no harm can possibly be done.

It is not the practitioner who decides what needs treating, it is the clients own in-built system.

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