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About Tom & Joan

Over the past 15 years, Anya Lawrence, Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman of LuminEssence, Tom Kenyon, Amy Skezas of RoseLight, Dr. Shivani Goodman, Dr. Hew Len, Dr. Richard Bartlett, and more known and unknown have been mentors and teachers for Tom and Joan. In March 2011, we noticed that our clients were experiencing high energy shifts that were new and different. In meditation, we received guidance on how to develop this work and hold a place of sacred space for our clients.

The energy from this work has no name, as it is said to come from the client’s connection to their Divine Self, different for each person. We call this work, Birthing Seeds of Light: A Catalyst for Change (BSOL)

Soon after, another energy form became apparent, that took off from the evolutionary energies we had been working with. We were guided to call this this form Explorations in Conscious Creation (ECC) a name we had been given 15 years earlier.

Our goal is to empower our students/clients so they no longer need us as teachers.

Tom and Joan offer diverse energy sessions. During these energy sessions, Tom and Joan hold a sacred space in which you can connect with your own guidance and your own energy in a heightened form. These energy sessions are open ended, allowing for infinite potential. You, your higher self, your Divine Self and your guides direct the energies held by Joan and Tom to any issue.

We are certified practitioners in Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Flow Alignment and Connection® levels 1 & 2, and Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution® Advanced level, and the most recent work with our guides, Birthing Seeds of Light™ (about clearing generational lineages and accessing their attributes), ECC, Explorations in Conscious Creation™ (training practitioners to hold energies of evolution), and Mind Voice/Soul Voice (a class on channeling your guides of light).

We are fully trained and certified to teach and certify practitioners and teachers, in Reiki, Karuna®Reiki and ECC, Explorations in Conscious Creation™. Our classes are a total joy for us to teach.

Private Sessions are valued at AED 550.00 for 1 session or AED 1300.00 for a package of 3 sessions

Explorations in Conscious Creation (ECC) ECC is a gift from Tom and Joan’s guides.  You open to evolutionary flows of energy to raise the vibration around any issue.  This process generates higher frequencies, which cannot be manipulated. The higher frequencies benefit everyone by supporting the Most Benevolent Outcomes.  ECC is especially wonderful for transmuting thoughts, patterns, material items and situations.    ECC allows the flows of evolution to move through you, taking you to your next evolutionary level. Be mindful that in order to move forward issues may come up to be cleared.

Birthing Seeds of Light (BSOL) Joan and Tom are also working with a body of energy work we call BIRTHING SEEDS OF LIGHT:  A Catalyst for Change™ (BSOL).  BSOL clears blocks or limitations that prevent you from fully accessing the attributes of your lineages. With BSOL, we hold space for you to connect deeply with your Divine Self so you can accomplish your life’s purpose in its highest form on Earth.  BSOL is uniquely relevant to you and assists in clearing generational karma from all lineages you are connected to. BSOL has unlimited potential. It is our belief that the energy that comes through, is your energy, as channeled by your Divine Self and you. In our experience, this takes your life into deeper and more profound states of consciousness and awareness.   This enables you to more easily access the attributes from any or all of the lineages you come from.


“I have had much clearing, tons of weird dreams and detoxification. Thanks so much, its been very powerful and very interesting, especially the made for TV movies playing in my head all night long.”
S B New Jersey – Long Distance

“I felt a shift in my energy field at the beginning of the attunement when the download began. I noticed new layers forming in my energy structure.
Less worry about things, more peace.
Yes. (I would recommend this) For people open to new experiences and deep work, it is an opportunity to experience shifts in energy structure.”
J T In Person

“My dreams are showing me my fears and resistance that have been preventing me from moving forward. I feel this work has to do with connecting to my soul signature. More coincidences seem to be occurring.”
C B Grass Valley, CA – In Person & Long Distance

“During the session I had guidance to lay down. I felt comforted and supported. I had a stream of thoughts…. The flow of thoughts showed me a scene from adolescence that I had not spoken truthfully about. Over the years I had protected a sibling “built him up” in the stories I would share about my childhood. I had pretended that we had been a “team” when actually I had been pretty much alone dealing with some difficult family stuff. This pattern of making things sound better than they were, appeared in many other incidents. In the elapsed time since my session, I feel I am more truly who I am, more authentic and have a more conscious sense of my own worth. I’m grateful to Joan and Tom for their breakthrough work and highly recommend them to anyone seeking support and growth in their personal evolution.”

P E Ashland, Oregon Long Distance


About Nicole



We welcome former Dubai resident, Nicole Maggio Knable who will be co-facilitating and supporting the work Tom & Joan are doing in Explorations in Conscious Creations & Birthing Seeds of Light.

For the past 14 years, Nicole Maggio Knable has dedicated herself to the healing arts sharing her gift to the world. In New York City, while hitting career heights in the competitive world of Fashion Magazine Publishing, Nicole also embarked on a path of spiritual enlightenment, strength and inner renewal and has transcended from a Magazine and Publishing Executive to a Psychic Medium.

In 2001 she obtained a practitioner’s degree in “Awakening your Light Body” and in 2004 she learned Flow Alignment & Connection, both inter-dimensional bodywork and healing modalities.

In 2007 she studied with Dr. Eric Pearl and learned “The Reconnection” another healing technique using subtle energies.

In 2008, Nicole graduated (with honors) from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and holds a degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College as a Certified Health Counselor.

In 2009 Nicole discovered a new scientific & holistic discipline from renowned French Physician Pierre Nicolas called Biosyntonié. Nicole continues to update her Biosyntonie training in France with Dr. Nicholas each year.

Nicole then earned her PACE (Physical Atomic Cellular Evolution) practitioner’s degree in January 2010 with Tom and Joan Rudholm of Paths of Light.

In 2011 She received her Reiki I and Reiki II degrees. In 2013, she earned two more degrees in energy healing with Tom and Joan: Explorations in Conscious Creation and Birthing Seeds of light which transcends lifetimes past and future.

To book a private session with Nicole, please contact us at 043639307 or

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