Awaken Your Divine Feminine - Week 2 : Death and Rebirth, Your Source of Creative Energy

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Awaken Your Divine Feminine – Week 2 : Death and Rebirth, Your Source of Creative Energy

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 @ 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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Event Description

Are you feeling clueless or disconnected to your true purpose? Are you experiencing unfulfilling relationships and a sense of feeling stuck? Are you living each day based on what needs to be done vs what you want to do? Are your energy levels at an all time low and you just can’t figure out what to do?

Along life’s journey you have traded passion for practicality. Slowly but surely unconditional love, connection, and certainty took a backseat to the needs and wants of others. You stopped listening to that inner voice that called to your higher purpose, and now you’re not sure you can even hear it anymore…

But what if you could be reconnected to that source of knowledge and energy that empowered you with the ability to transform your life, your relationships, your connection with your body, your emotions, your career, your purpose, and so much more…

Awaken Your Divine Feminine : The Sacred Power of Healing and Grace

Deep within us lies dormant the energy of willful creation, a force of aligning to one’s true destiny, the source of your intuition, collaboration, unconditional love and joy. This place is the Realm of The Divine Feminine. Awakening the Divine Feminine Energy, enables your own innate ability to heal, thrive and grow in every area of your life. The path of awakening begins with connecting to the cosmic guardians of your personal energy centers, your chakras. These magnificent guardians, each an incarnations of The Great Mother, the Creatrix of All Things across time and space. As you learn to surrender to her gentle embrace, you will feel the sacred power of healing and grace like never before…

A journey of spiritual exploration spanning 7 weeks, you’ll be introduced to your Divine Feminine Chakra Guides and reconnect to the earth, your own creative forces, opening heart and mind, clearing away your past traumas and stepping into the light of your true purpose. Here’s just a few of the things you’ll experience:

  • Heal and strengthen the relationship you have with your own mother, whether or not you’re close to her, whether or not she is here or has passed on.
  • Come face to face with the Dark Mother (your shadow side) and be reborn as a spiritually awakened person.
  • Learn the wisdom of your inner warrior.
  • Rediscover what it means to be a true lover.
  • Reignite the unconditional love in your “higher heart.”
  • Discover which goddess is meant to be your personal guide.
  • Bring the powerful energy and wisdom of the Divine Feminine through your chakras to heal old wounds and expand into who you are meant to be.


Journey of 7 weeks

Week 1 : The Great Mother and Gaia: Your Connection to the Earth

This week you will travel back in time to the dawn of creation. You will meet The Great Mother Goddess and discover how she can help guide and empower you to create change in your life.

Week 2 : Death and Rebirth with Isis & Inanna: Your Source of Creative Energy

You will commune with two ancient Goddesses. Journey to the depths of the Netherworld with Inanna before being re-born into the light. Connect to Isis and allow your emotions to heal and reboot the creativity in your second chakra


Week 3 : The Eastern Goddesses: Unlocking Your Personal Power

This week you’ll meet Divine Feminine Guides from the Far East and discover the ancient healing path of the Vedas. Experience a powerful guided Vedic meditation with the warrior goddess Durga and discover how Kuan Yin and Tara can open your third chakra to bring forth your inner fierceness.


Week 4 : Lady Fatimah of East and West: Opening Your Higher Heart

As you journey further, you’ll connect with the sacred healing energy of Mother Mary. Discover and connect to the gentle, yet powerful energy of Fatimah Tuz Zahra, leader of all women of her time. Experience a beautiful guided meditation to super-charge your heart chakra and connect with your own divinity.


Week 5 : Mary Magdalene: Speaking Your Truth

Learn all about Mary Magdalene… who was she really? How important was she to the healing work of Christ? Unravel the layers of history that cover the essence about this magnificent Divine Feminine guide. Empower your fifth chakra and finally express yourself in all aspects and forms of communication


Week 6 : Wisdom Goddesses: Trusting Your Intuition

Connect with the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, and other wisdom goddesses like Sophia and the Celtic Brigid that can boost your psychic abilities and intuition. What insights are you ready to gain from these guides? Strengthen the connection to Divine Feminine Energy in you and open your third eye, your sixth chakra.


Week 7 : Modern Day Goddesses: Your Sacred Power of Healing and Grace

With week 7, step into the energy of the modern day feminine. The modern day feminine, who can be either man or woman. What does it really mean to have your divine feminine nature fully empowered and how do you embody the bliss and grace of the Divine Feminine as you step into integration of mind, body, energy to create your best physical reality.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Miracles Wellness Center
306 Icon Tower, Tecom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Farheen Husain