Weight loss strategies that work (2 Days) course

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Weight loss strategies that work (2 Days) course

Saturday, July 15, 2017 @ 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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There are 3 pillars to the “Health Recovery and Body Shape” System


  • Awareness/Clarity on any limiting beliefs or negative emotions from childhood and upgrading you to your true self. Heal your past negative events using natural healing methods like energy healing, NLP coaching, mindfulness therapy and visualization.
  • Focus on Outcomes and not your current situation. Getting crystal clear about your goals in all areas in the wheel of life. We train the mind to give clear instructions to your subconscious which is an obedient servant to your conscious mind.
  • Helps remove blocks from your nervous system that allows growth to all levels that includes your Behavior, thinking, feelings, emotions and physiology.



Neuroscience hasn’t yet been able to describe what a “balanced” brain or body looks like, let alone how to assess one. So how can we claim to create it with drugs?

In most cases, physical and psychiatric symptoms are just that: symptoms. They are signs that the body and mind are struggling.

Drugs may suppress symptoms, but they do nothing to address the reasons

You’re feeling lousy. Content with prescribing pharmaceutical solutions, providers are not asking why patients are sick. They are not discussing evidence-based alternatives to medication treatment that address and fix root causes.

Drugs have effects but they don’t cure anything. Natural methods beyond behavioral change have a faster and life time affects. Change needs to happen on all levels like Behavior, thinking, feeling, emotions and physiology.

Most people when trying to improve their health, mind or body shape start by changing their behavior or patterns. Like diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Most behavioral changes improve for a while, but when life triggers happen and when our guard is down, we slip back into our old habits and patterns. In order to create fast transformational change with positive results easily and effortlessly, Changes need to happen not only at behavior but with deeper levels of change.

The myth of just changing your behavior no longer applies when it comes to total health. According to Human Needs Psychology, there are 3 pillars to health recovery and body shape.

First Pillar: What is your focus? Is it something compelling, specific and within your control? Or do you focus on unreliable things that are outside of your control? Are you crystal clear about what you want to experience every day or are you fixated on fears and uncertainty? These questions ultimately lead to your “Habits of focus.”

Second Pillar: This consists of the tools and strategies. We need to clearly know which strategies have worked and which ones haven’t worked. Need to know what your day to day Emotional Focus is.

Basically, in this pillar. We will figure out which of the human needs that you aren’t fulfilling by using the unhealthy habits of comfort eating or any other unhealthy habits that is leading to your obesity and health issues. Once we find out what the biggest single factor that’s controlling your life then we can focus on addressing it by finding out what you’re doing to meet that need. This leads to the emotions you engage in and what actions you take?

Everyone has emotional triggers that are very intense to them. I would ask you to write down all the emotions that you experience in a given week. The top 5 emotions correspond to that which is affecting the qualities in your life.

Third Pillar: To resolve the inner conflicts. This is what primarily affected my weight loss tremendously. I had all the right tools and strategies to lose the weight but because of my inner conflict it prevented me from the true power to create change in my weight and health.

Once you are in the right mindset to create positive change in your life, then you are able to go through the master steps to lasting change. Which in my case was losing the weight (keeping it off), a clean bill of health and positive self-image and confidence.

These latter outcomes have spilled over into many aspects in my life leading me to this journey of contribution and passion.

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About the Facilatator:

Dr. Hanan is a clinical pharmacist and certified health professional in healthcare quality for over 25 years.

From a very young age. she always knew she wanted to help with people’s health. While visiting back home (Egypt) she saw many children her age suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases.

She became a clinical pharmacist to give people chemotherapy or medication to help people get better.

After diligent research she has discovered that the core of most diseases is an internal conflict. These conflicts are expressed as stress, anger or worry that ultimately manifest as diseases.

Experiencing this first hand with obesity and 8 diseases, she tried everything from diets, exercise and lots of diet pills. She would lose some weight but would then gain it all back and then some. Following research and techniques from all the different kinds of therapies and methodologies she was finally successful in losing 28kg (60 pounds) in 11 months and kept the weight off.

Along with being a healthy person, she also improved her self-image, confidence and being. Through her journey she has found her true passion to help people on all levels of physical, mental and emotional health.

25 years later she has realized that the little girl had a good idea, but being a great pharmacist was not the final answer to reaching her purpose and helping others.

Dr. Hanan has trained and certified in the following:
– Reiki Healing
– Hypnotherapy
– Mindfulness Therapy

Dr. Hanan’s therapy sessions involve a combination of the above tools and techniques to bring results client’s are looking for. Her life coaching sessions specialize in healthcare issues such as obesity, diabetes, endometriosis, cancer and most chronic illnesses.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Miracles Wellness Center
306 Icon Tower, Tecom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Dr. Hanan Selim

Miracles Dubai