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Vaastu and Space Clearing Dubai

Introduction To Vaastu Workshop

Date: Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Cost: AED 300
Facilitator (Yogi) Yogesh Janak
(Yogi) Yogesh Janak Gosain

Event Description

Earth and human beings have 4 common fields surrounding itself – thermic, magnetic, electric and chromatic.

“Vaastu” can be defined as the knowledge of the omnipresent soul residing in a building,  when you observe the energy fields that develop at different stages of the building – starting from the stage of a vacant plot to the digging of the land to the laying of the foundation to the completion of the building and finally to the point when it is inhabited by the human energy.

When you observe all this, through your mind senses, you will unravel the secrets of “Vaastu Shastras”. The divine relationship between the human being and the environment forms the core of Vaastu. It is this sacred connection further enhanced with a balance between the 5 elements, that leads to good health, progress and happenings of humans. Earth vibrations have strong impact on your body. Positive earth gives you all energies to perform your best and weak or negative earth sucks your essential energies to make you feel sick and diseased.

In this workshop – we all will be learning in depth about —-

  • Cardinal & ordinal directions and their importance in our lives.
  • Understanding basic thumb rules of selecting a good plot/villa/apartment/office, which is 100 % Vaastu compliant.
  • How do the 5 elements resonate with the created four walled space that we reside/work in.
  • Technique to balance our house/office without breaking/demolishing any part, to experience the changed equilibrium for cause and effect theory of space.
  • 9 basic planets and their frequencies attuning, according to your date of birth, connecting it with your house/office space.
  • Balancing your main door, kitchen (which is the main source of energy), living room, kids’ room, guest room, bedrooms, etc., to feel the positivity within self as well as around.
  • Using symbols, which are powerful communicators between the conscious and subconscious brain to enhance the 8 zones of your house, as symbols have their own encoded language and effects.

You can achieve anything in life if you just want it. Discover who you are and the endless possibilities you have.

Discover your most sincere, deep and peaceful SELF. The Self that naturally recognises and responds to the power of Vaastu. It is the architecture of the Universe. Vaastu is the tool, you are encoded with this sacred knowledge in Higher Self, by focusing on the holograms, the information hidden in codes, penetrate deeply into your body and subconscious.

Stop Waiting…

And conclude that there is no better TIME than NOW to feel happy and create the life you came here for.

You are not dependant on anyone or anything to stand in your own power. Its all within you.

Please Note T&C’s:

1). All prices are exclusive of vat

2). Applicable to all full-day courses only – In order to confirm your spot in the classes, we request for an advance payment of 50% to be made minimum 24-hours before the class. If prior deposits are not made, an additional AED 100.00 with be applicable for same day sign-ups, as it would be considered a drop-in rate.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
AED 300
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Miracles Wellness Center
306 Icon Tower, Tecom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


(Yogi) Yogesh Janak

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