Mother Earth Meditation

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Mother Earth Meditation

Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Event Description

Mother Earth Meditation is a step towards connecting your body with nature, bringing in the realization that you are nature, you come from it and are an integral part of it.

Mother Earth and your body are made from the same elements, minerals, vitamins and energy.

This meditation is an opportunity to align us back to our natural state of being, which sometimes may fall out of alignment. The meditation also helps in understanding and listening to what our bodies require.

Wellness is a result of essentially being in tune with nature and aligning ourselves with the inherent wisdom that is within us all.

Several studies show that spending time in nature dramatically reduces stress and is even anti-inflammatory.

Researchers found that positive emotions experienced through nature, are linked to lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines (proteins that signal the immune system to work harder).

This meditation covers:

  • Changing what you think and feel about nature/ Mother Earth
  • How to connect with the stars for guidance and power
  • Benefits of walking around barefoot, deep breathing and salt water baths
  • Listening to your body, benefits of listening to sounds from nature
  • Getting familiar with the five elements

You are able to tap into any part of nature because it is inherently in you. No matter how long you stay indoors, at a desk or under fluorescent lighting.

The truth remains – you are nature and nothing can take that away from you.

Click for more information about the facilitator, Soniyaa Singh

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Miracles Wellness Center
306 Icon Tower, Tecom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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