The Connection - Connecting to Mother Earth Kriya

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The Connection – Connecting to Mother Earth Kriya

Saturday, July 2, 2016 @ 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

| AED 200.00

Event Description

The Connection 

Many individuals face daily struggles, which put them on an unending journey for the quest for happiness. From relationship struggles, to career concerns and health issues, we are always looking for ways to better and improve our lives, despite all odds.

We always need more, we always need different and a big reason for this is because we are so disconnected from the truth of who we really are. We need constant gratification. We need the next best thing and sometimes the next best thing is all we need.

In ‘The Connection’ Series we take you on a journey to discover and explore the deepest depths of your being, to enable you to live a life beyond ‘the next best thing’. Through the teachings of Himalayan Kriya Yoga, we transcend what we know life to be, breaking out of limitations and connecting with our deepest Source, in turn creating life in a way that you may have never thought possible.

It is time for ‘The Connection’ with ourselves and the world around us.

2 July – Connecting to Mother Earth Kriya (Repeated on 30 June)

This session teaches us how to stay connected to Mother Earth enabling us to enter a blissful state of clarity, stability, security and profound connectedness with all of creation. It opens our hearts enabling us to truly receive and enjoy the beauty in the simplest things in life.

Just as we draw energy from the Sun we can absorb the Life Force (Prana) from Mother Earth, expanding our energy from the bonds of urban life to all of life itself.

This session includes:

– Stimulating the energetic umbilical chord connection we share with mother earth

– Methods to strengthen our root chakra connection to truly bask in the grounding and connectedness we feel with mother earth – this is a sure shot way to improve sleep patterns and relaxation and strengthen the feeling of security in life.

– Releasing negativity and stress through our feet where ever we may be, a powerful tool we can use at the workspace as well as to calm our minds and body.

9 July – Introduction to Kriya Yoga through Sampoorna Shakti Sadhana (SSS)

In this introductory session, participants will learn the concepts of Kriya Yoga, which kick starts the journey inwards. By being mindful and staying connected to our inner core, many questions get answered and another part of our being unfolds.

This session includes:

– Background of how SSS movement started and how it has benefited yogis of all levels across various countries.

– Tapping into deeper awareness through correct posture and breathing techniques

– Understanding the energy grid that flows within us

– Simple movements to unlock our energy meridians and eliminate toxins stored in our Lymphatic drainage system, clearing out blocks and imbalances in our gut (connecting to our gut feelings).

– Energizing the body and bring both our left and right brain hemispheres into a state of coherence.

16 July – Connecting to the Sun Kriya

A deep dive into the true aspects of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation, which has been explained by yogic sages enabling us to tap into the energies of the sun. Just like we connect to the Full Moon, connecting to the sun has numerous metaphysical and medical benefits. We learn to receive powerful energy transmissions from the Sun, clearing away all toxic energies and letting go of stored emotional baggage.

This session includes:

– De-constructing the myths and fads about our age old relationship with the Sun

– Steps to effectively sungaze and stimulate the pineal gland to absorb the energy of the Sun

– Activating the solar plexus and releasing blockages and fears

– Connecting to the energetic Central Sun – Gayatri through Cymatics

– Stimulating the Surya Nadi in the body to regulate heat and metabolic actions in the body.

– Emotional and Spiritual Clearing

23 July – Connecting to the Full Moon Kriya

The Universe has everything in abundance and in this session we tap into the Source for wellbeing and happiness. The effects of the Moon on our psychological and physiological bodies has been a topic of much discussion over centuries.

The vast scientific studies conducted by our illustrious ancestors have helped us understand this connection with the help of the science of Astronomy which goes hand in hand with Astrology. Our body itself is a mini Universe and each organ is interconnected.

This session includes:

– Appreciating the significance of the Lunar Cycle and the reason our ancestors used the Lunar calendar prior to the advent of the Gregorian calendar.

– Connecting to the moon – through the art of Trataka, focused awareness on the moon.

– Stimulating the Chandra Nadi (moon meridian) in the body through yogic processes.

– Understanding the emotional, mental and physical benefits of balancing our connection to the divine feminine and masculine side in us to help balance hormonal functions and other imbalances within the body.

Special offer – AED 200.00 per session or AED 700.00 for complete series (4 sessions) . 

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Saturday, July 2, 2016
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
AED 200.00
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Miracles Wellness Center
306 Icon Tower, Tecom, Dubai, United Arab Emirates