Workshop: Weight loss and body shape

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Workshop: Weight loss and body shape

Thursday, July 13, 2017 @ 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

| AED200

Event Description

We all have that new year resolution, wedding to go to or new bathing suit we strive to look good in.
We google the latest fad diet, run to the pharmacy to pick up the diet pills you read about in a glamour magazine or Oprah tried and it seems to work.
Then the new year, wedding and summer is over and you find yourself at square one.
This goes on for a while with yo-yo dieting.
Then you have had enough and want to make a change for yourself.
Well, then you’ve come to the right workshop.
Here, you will not learn to count calories, starve or need any rigorous exercise regimen.
This workshop will teach you the tools to loose the weight and keep it off.
You will learn the root cause of your eating habits and how to change them.
Join me and see how you can feel and look your very best for yourself.
Pre-Registration Required.
About the Facilatator:

Dr. Hanan is a clinical pharmacist and certified health professional in healthcare quality for over 25 years.

From a very young age. she always knew she wanted to help with people’s health. While visiting back home (Egypt) she saw many children her age suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases.

She became a clinical pharmacist to give people chemotherapy or medication to help people get better.

After diligent research she has discovered that the core of most diseases is an internal conflict. These conflicts are expressed as stress, anger or worry that ultimately manifest as diseases.

Experiencing this first hand with obesity and 8 diseases, she tried everything from diets, exercise and lots of diet pills. She would lose some weight but would then gain it all back and then some. Following research and techniques from all the different kinds of therapies and methodologies she was finally successful in losing 28kg (60 pounds) in 11 months and kept the weight off.

Along with being a healthy person, she also improved her self-image, confidence and being. Through her journey she has found her true passion to help people on all levels of physical, mental and emotional health.

25 years later she has realized that the little girl had a good idea, but being a great pharmacist was not the final answer to reaching her purpose and helping others.

Dr. Hanan has trained and certified in the following:
– Reiki Healing
– Hypnotherapy
– Mindfulness Therapy

Dr. Hanan’s therapy sessions involve a combination of the above tools and techniques to bring results client’s are looking for. Her life coaching sessions specialize in healthcare issues such as obesity, diabetes, endometriosis, cancer and most chronic illnesses.

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