Ewa Ledeboer

Certified Master of Hypnotherapy, Life and Relationship Coach and Master of NLP

Ewa Ledeboer is a cognitive behavioral therapist, certified master of hypnotherapy, life and relationship master coach, master of NLP and Time Line Therapy ®, RTT therapist (Marisa Peer’s Method), Mindscape practitioner, fast EFT therapist and corporate trainer.

Her interest in understanding human behavior and relationship dynamics to achieve cohesion and success in all areas of life led her to explore new fields of study as a way to delve deeper into human nature and build stronger connections.

While the need of helping others to overcome life challenges, traumas, limited beliefs and negative emotions led her to explore all fields of psychological studies, she spent many more years digging deeper and educating herself through countless teachings on how to access the core of the problem and solve it in a rapid and permanent way. This is why she became truly passionate about hypnotherapy, New Age NLP, EFT and other modalities famous for their fast and lasting results.

Her life shifted 360 degrees when she realized the incredible transformative and healing power of these modalities in overcoming all of life’s challenges including her own.

Her clients vary from young children and teenagers, families, couples with relationship issues and all others with various problems and serious disorders.

She specializes in weight and sleeps issues, anxiety and depression, various addictions (including drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating, etc), and fears and phobias.

She strongly believes that the core of unexplained infertility or failed pregnancy lays hidden deeply in the mind and she is on the mission to help women to overcome unexplained infertility and have a successful and healthy pregnancy.

She also helps people with migraines and chronic pains and the results are not only fast but lasting.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and all those techniques she mastered during the last 20 years of practice leading participants to self-discovery, unleashing their infinite potential and letting them overcome serious problems and life challenges.