"Freedom" - Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway ®

freedomFear” is a filthy word and a handful of us will admit that it exists within us. For many of us it is the gremlin with which we play hide and seek. When we dig a little deeper and question our behaviour, we will confess that fear is an emotion driving negative consequences in many areas of our wonderful life.

We as individuals have a need for control. This need for control makes us think of possible ways in which we could shape a situation itself. These situations could be such as public speaking, career move, conflict at work, divorce, separation, relationships and many more. In our wonderful mind a specific expectation is formed by us and we work towards controlling the desired outcome.

We are unable to fathom uncertainty. The fear of losing control scares us. We are perplexed with the feeling of fear. In fact, we are so engrossed in the dark side of fear that we completely forget that the fear is a helping
hand to make us stronger and better.

Now for a moment:

•  Imagine – embracing uncertainty with greater awareness
•  Imagine – feeling powerful about making changes in your life
•  Imagine – being more confident enough to make a change
•  Imagine – taking the steps in building strong loving relationships
•  Imagine – growing inspiration to live your life with joy and bliss

Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway ® workshop is for anyone who is allowing fear, doubt, anxiety to control their life.

Identify the fundamental truths about fear and how to “handle ” worry or social anxiety to reduce their effectiveness and enjoyment of work and life. The workshop is designed for you to be equipped with tools and techniques that will allow you to:

•  Break the victim mentality and moving from pain to power
•  Change your reactions to situations by maintaining a positive outlook
•  Expand your comfort zone and saying “Yes” to life experiences
•  Discover more opportunities by making wining decisions
•  Create a balanced and fulfilled life and keeping it all in perspective.

Topics covered:

•  Truths about fear
•  Varying levels of fear
•  How to take full responsibility for your life
•  Power of thoughts and how to choose them
•  How to handle the negative chatterbox
•  How you can only make right decisions
•  Power of acceptance and forgiveness
•  How to tap into your higher self
•  How to say “Yes” to your universe
•  Power of positive thinking and affirmations
•  See yourself as having purpose and meaning
•  How to change your reactions to situations
•  Raise self-esteem and let go of negative programming
•  How to live a life of abundance
•  Create a balanced more enjoyable life
•  Making dreams become a reality through making decisions
•  Learn about limiting beliefs and how to change them

More Information:

•  Workshop delivered in DUBAI
•  Early Bird Offer AED 1,350 – Standard Investment AED 1,800
•  Investment includes workbook – Inclusive of refreshments
•  Certificate of Achievement – Complimentary Parking

Workshops Dates – Register by clicking on the links

Friday, 26 September from 10am – 6pm

Saturday, 18 October 2014 from 10 am – 6pm

Saturday, 15 November 2014 from 10am – 6pm

Friday, 12 December 2014 from 10am -6pm