Healing from the Heart with Harry & Navana

togHarry & Navana are the dynamic couple, who bring a powerful balance of Ying and Yang to their meditations, workshops and private healing sessions. Their years of extensive work in holistic healing and spirituality make them one of the most sought after healers today. They have a unique approach of addressing the mind, body and spirit, which leaves their students and clients feeling peaceful, balanced and more aware of their life situation.

Harry is a true believer and follower of living life naturally. He believes that each person is unique, as no-one has lived the same life as you, nor do they have the same formation of thoughts and emotions.

Harry has not only trained in the practical side of therapy for the last 14 years, but has also looked at his own fears, hurts and pain, and this has given him a deep understanding to roots of human suffering. He has hosted numerous soul science workshops across the globe.

Harry is also gifted with extra sensory perception since his childhood. His parents were mystified at the depth of his knowledge and wisdom at such a young age. His passion and involvement in the Nature, natural health and wellbeing gave him mystical experiences, deeper knowing of the Soul and love of the Spirit. For Harry, life is all about being natural. He was acclaimed as a excellent sportsman and cross country runner in the early years.

Even though Harry was on top of his career running his own consultancy in food safety and quality in New Zealand, his inner quality as seeker made him to explore different facets of healing and spirituality. He traveled far and wide accumulating a wide wealth of wisdom.

discussion harpalHarry went into seclusion living like a hermit, not speaking to anyone, silence as his friend opening the doorway of cosmic wisdom.. He received many secret insights of the mind-body-soul connection, parapsychology and the world beyond the physical senses. After this intense period of working on himself, Harry chose his heart’s calling to work in the field of healing, yoga, counseling and training. He is a Spiritual Scientist, Master in Kriya Yoga and Kundalini Yoga.

Harry is clairvoyant and sees the unwanted blockages in the client’s energy field, identifies the trans generational patterns of blocked energy in relationships, in the family system and helps to remove all blocked energy from physical, emotional, mental and causal plane.

He is a natural healer driven by passion and devotion. His magnified pyramid healing help people rediscover their inner-self, keep their emotions and energies balanced, for better health, well-being, personal development and spiritual awareness. He is also a certified past life regression therapist and Master in sound healing.

20140729_124215Harry’s signature tri breathwork series have helped hundreds of people to de-stress, rejuvenate and rediscover their life passion and living their dream life with ease and joy.

Harpal’s union with his twin self Navana brought him the ‘wholeness’ in his life plan, he considers the union as an angelic blessing. They share the same inner quests, and devoted to walk the same path helping people to empower themselves in body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Navana is a fun-loving medium and clairvoyant who has the gift of healing. She connects with individuals at a very deep level and offers energy healing, tarot card reading and mediumship as part of her healing work. Navana co-facilitates workshops, meditations and healing sessions with Harry.

Their Upcoming Workshop:

Psychic Energy Protection & Self Defense
Friday 12 June 2015 from 3pm – 6pm
Value – AED 249.00

During this time of shift into a higher consciousness, there are new multi-dimensional challenges that most of us are subject to in forms of manipulation, psychic attacks, and negative implants on our energy bodies.

There are several reasons why particular individuals or soul family groups are vulnerable to energy attacks.

This session will cover key topics:

– How to identify a psychic attack
– How to protect yourself and your dear ones from ‘energy vampires’/ negative energy of others
– Have a better understanding of why ‘psychic attacks’ happen
– Understand the various reasons why some individuals or soul family groups are more vulnerable than others
– Finding your weakest link and accessing your Higher Consciousness
– Specific forms of meta-physhical psychic attacks
– Practical tools on psychic attack prevention and protection – Use of crystals, rituals and mantras
– Guided Meditation for Protection

A special personal symbol for each participant for their protection

Please note: Pre-registration is required

Some of their meditations and workshops include:

– Radiant Relationship – Be Connected
– Money & Spirituality
– Inner Child Healing
– Past Life Regression
– Mind Power
– Chakra Meditation
– Kundalini Meditation
– Kriya Breath Work
– Sanjeevani Healing (combined with Tibetan bowl sound healing)