Jumpstart your social life with Feng Shui!

23 September 2018
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23 September 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Jumpstart your social life with Feng Shui!

According to the Chinese Science of Feng Shui, the living room of your home is traditionally the social center and should therefore be designed with unity and reputation in mind. More than in any other room of the house, this area should have an uninterrupted flow of Chi, which means auspicious energy.

Here are some key Feng Shui tips to jumpstart your life and attract abundance:
  • Ensure lots of light, natural and otherwise to promote good yang energy.
  • Avoid too many doorways and overhead beams as these can disperse beneficial energy.
  • Furniture, artifacts and art need to be considered carefully.
  • All pictures should be inspiring and pleasant, and not depict violent scenes or any objects with sad connotations, no matter how well known the artist.
To encourage social status, intimacy, comfort and safety, it is important that you arrange your furniture with care.
  • Place your primary seating in an area that allows you to see the door when sitting there, or hang a mirror to reflect the door form the sofa.
  • Arrange other seating, such as love seats and chairs, so that you have at least a peripheral view of the door.
  • Check your furniture for sharp corners and other dangers. As you buy new furniture, put safety and comfort first by choosing pieces that don’t have sharp corners or threatening features.
  • Put electronic equipment, such as televisions and stereos, into cabinets with doors. This will both, enhance your social status during parties at home and provide a more productive and serene atmosphere when you are with your family.

The Chi in a lounge/living room should be slightly balanced towards more yang or powerful, active energies. The best kind of room, whatever its function in the property, is a regular shape i.e. square or oblong with no missing areas or alcoves. Alcoves usually mean stagnation and plants and mirrors, as well as crystals can serve to get the energy flowing again. Remember, crystals energize, wind chimes moderate.

  • Wind chimes can be useful near doorways into rooms.
  • Plants bring nature and life into a home and promote air circulation, oxygen replacement and good health. Living rooms are the perfect areas for plants to be placed. The living room arrangement affects the reputation, wealth and prosperity of the household.
  • Consider neutral tones for large pieces of furniture. They tend to become backdrops for your colourful carpets and other accessories such as cushions and artworks.
  • Pictures have an enormous affect on how we feel in a space; on a subconscious level, we react and respond to the images on our walls. Pictures of places or things have the ability to influence a change in your mood.

Feng Shui emphasizes on the importance of incorporating life-affirming imagery and inspiring art — instead of meaningless art or art, which does not inspire — on the walls.  Think about it… how do you feel when you look at the art around your space? Is your art filled with uplifting life force or is it lifeless? All spaces should have pictures that exude life force and continuity. Do not purchase paintings depicting negative images, just because they are made by a famous artist. Instead, positive imagery which may be more reasonable or even by a renowned artist, will bring in good luck and good energy.Curtains can be a very effective Feng Shui tool, both for blocking negative energy as well as for enhancing the good Sheng Chi of the room. White or beige curtains are very effective in blocking off external poison arrows that manifest from straight roads, the triangular eaves of a neighbouring house or the sharp edge of a nearby building. When the problem is excessive yang energy that is caused by the sun, e.g. upholstery fading away or artifacts getting ruined, a darker colour that simulates serenity would be more successful. Dark colours are also yin in essence and are thus effective in balancing excessive yang energy.

Plants and water features enhance the growth and wealth energy very effectively, when placed correctly in your living room. Please do not place any of these in your bedrooms or toilets.

Remember, Feng Shui is all about balance and harmony and thus over usage of any element, be it water, wood, earth, metal or fire, can seriously damage the Chi entering your home. For example, when using a water feature such as a fountain inside your home, do use one that is as per the size of your home and not humongous as this can result in actually drowning the wealth energy.

We are our bravest, strongest and most willing to try new things when we feel positive. So create surroundings that uplift your morale and boost your confidence!

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