Little Miracles Workshops

At Miracles we understand the importance of the emotional, mental & physical wellbeing of our children. Children face several challenges in their life, that may be related to academic performance, self confidence, peer pressure, test anxiety, etc. At Miracles, we have now taken an initiative to offer wellbeing services that are especially designed for children.

This month we are introducing The Little Miracles workshops which involves self esteem building exercises, positive thinking, meditation techniques for kids, and child development activities. Through this program we can expect to see an improvement in academic performance, a positive attitude and an aptitude for success within our children.

Little Miracles Workshops (7 – 11 years)

Conducted by Rekha Menon

Enrollments for December are now open. The classes will be conducted every Friday in December from 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Complete Program (6 classes) – AED 300.00
Value per class – AED 60.00

The Little Miracles Workshop will include the following:

  • Introduction to Meditation- Meditation – the kiddies way
  • Introduction to Energy Science
  • Introduction to Mind Patterns
  • Power of concentration (demonstrations in a playful team work)
  • Aura Mapping
  • Demonstration for the various energies (such as Mobile phones, Cold Drinks, Anger, Happiness, Joy, Peace )
  • Understanding the effects of various energies
  • Learning the Attitude of Gratitude – simple team games and exercises
  • Affirmations (switch words)
  • How to handle teasing/bullying in school – (Peer pressure)
  • How to dissolve anger/frustration/stress/irritation & learn to forgive.
  • Effective Communication with parents/peers and friends
  • Improvising on listening skills – team play
  • Our connection to the Universal Energy – the Creator
  • Helpful tips in day to day issues that children go through
  • What is Breath – and its technique
  • Introduction to various Mudras – specific to kids


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