Miracles Life Health Consultant, Sam Arshi

If you are looking for some perspective and resolution in your career, relationships, finances, health or even spiritual growth Sam Arshi guides you through a profound journey of self discovery to achieve that in a way that is inspiring and up-lifting.

Founder of Life by Design FZE, Sam Arshi is a highly successful Certified Life Health Consultant and business woman. She established herself as a Life Success Consultant with Bob Proctor, who is well known from the documentary, The Secret and simultaneously manages several different business ventures.

Having attained her Bachelor of Science in European studies she then went on to complete her Master of Science in Corporate Communications and Economics at the University of Lugano in Switzerland. Afterwards, she graduated from Bob Proctor’s Life Consultancy Program and became a certified Life Coach and also a certified Health Coach at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

Driven by spiritual, emotional, financial and physical success, Sam Arshi hopes to conquer the world with her infectious positive attitude and compassionate mindset. She believes that everyone is entitled to live a wonderful life financially; spiritually, emotionally and physically. She states “First, you have to be grateful for everything you have. Then, know exactly what you want, plan ahead and persistently act upon it; that’s how you achieve your dreams. Constant expansion and Goal achievement are the prime agents to personal growth and self-awareness.” Not only does she strive for excellence in all her endeavors but, she believes that balance is the key to ultimate happiness inside and out.

Her extensive consulting experience includes the delivery of corporate seminars and private workshops, one-on-one coaching and providing keynote speeches on wealth, sales, health and happiness, emotional and social wellbeing. Her high-impact workshops include topics such as a one day self-confidence workshop, a food toxins workshop, deep breathing meditation for people on the go and a wealth workshop. She is often a public speaker at selected events attended by high net worth individuals and public figures where she has given multiple keynote speeches, on health, wealth and happiness.