Magnified Healing

Magnified healing is a form of quantum energy healing that is conducted by using the healing energy channeled from the higher dimension of the Ascended Masters. This healing energy is known to be first introduced to mankind 1983 and was officially introduced in 1992 by Gizele King and Kathryn Anderson. Magnified healing uses the energy that is transmuted from Lady Ascended Master Kwan Yin to assist in the spiritual advancement of Humanity as well as planet Earth.

The Magnified Healing practitioner uses certain hand-on techniques along with the Magnified Healing energy to heal various ailments, mental-emotional blocks or any imbalances on the mind, body and soul. In this healing technique the practitioner connects and becomes the healing energy as she/he connects to the highest energy source also known as “God Most High” and witnesses the healing as it takes place.

Through Magnified Healing, one can experience organ transplants, heal Karma in totality, build the Light Body, activate the 12 strands of DNA, and activate the Five Higher Bodies. Magnified Healing heals at all levels of our existence and is a powerful tool to prepare individuals for the process of spiritual ascension.

Magnified Healing Level 1 Certification Program

Magnified Healing Level 1 is a 2-day program that teaches students how to use this powerful technique to heal themselves and others. After they have been certified in Magnified Healing Level 1, students can practice as well as teach this technique to others.
This course includes the following:

– Meditation on the three-fold flame within the heart, which brings self-empowerment of Divine Love, Wisdom and Power.

– Aligning the Spiritual Centers and Clearing of the Light Channel.

– Initiation by Lady Master Kwan Yin to stimulate the energy flow within the hands

– Techniques for healing the self and others

– Sensitize, Awaken, Rewire and Connect to the Nervous System.

– Scan/Heal the Body and Stimulate the Calcium on the Spine.

– Facilitate Absent/Distant Healing (individual or group).

– Heal Mother Earth

– Heal all Karma across time and space

– Expand the Three-Fold Flame

– Prepare Oneself and Others for Ascension

– A bottle of essence

– A practice CD

This Class certifies you as a Master/Teacher of Magnified Healing of the God Most High of The Universe.


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