Miracles Open Discussion Forums

Open Discussion Forums at Miracles are a great opportunity to speak your heart out and share thoughts, opinions and insights on different aspects of life. Here is a platform where everyone comes together to talk about relationships, spirituality, work and anything else that they would like to discuss and learn about. The objective of this initiative is for like minded individuals to connect in order to find understanding, support and resolution in whatever they may be going through.

This is open to everyone in the community so please bring friends and family. This is initiative is by donation only.

Dating & Relationships Open Discussion Forum – Every Saturday 6pm – 7pm

Dating and Relationships (D & R) open discussion forum is a platform where individuals come together to chat and discuss various aspects of dating and being in relationships. Whether you are single or in a relationship we invite you to join us and share your thoughts and experiences on the Single or Relationship life. Every week we highlight a different topic so please feel free to share and come together as a community to learn and grow.

The topics for this month are:

8 March – Living the Single Life

15  March – Relationship Patterns We Get Into

22 March – Understanding Intimacy

29 March – Finding the Right Partner for You


Creating Awareness Open Discussion Forum – Every Friday 2pm – 3pm

Creating Awareness is an open discussion platform where individuals come together to chat and discuss various aspects of spirituality and life. As we near the brink of a spiritual revolution that is taking over our world today, this platform is an opportunity for people to have their questions answered and get a clearer and deeper understanding of what it means to be a spiritual being, what is life about and how we can grow and ascend to realize our highest truth.

We come together to learn, grow, share and experience ourselves and life in a way that is refreshing and empowering!

The topics for this month are:

7 MArch – Ascension, Awakening & Life Purpose

14 March – Tantra & Energy Healing

21 March – Meditation – Is it for Everyone?

Due to limited seating pre-registration is advised