Numerology is the science of numbers and their vibratory effect on our life. According to Numerology each number is believed to hold its own unique energetic vibration and it is this energy vibration that influence, people, spaces or life situations.

Through a series of calculations based on the date of birth, alphabets in a person’s name and time of birth, our Numerologist creates a comprehensive report explaining the basic character of the person, behavioral patterns, family life, income patterns, quality of health, favorable dates, gemstones or crystals as well as predict the future.

Numerology also offers profound insights when selecting marriage or business partnerships, to check for compatibility and future predictions of the relationship.

Numerology is used when selecting names for companies, products, events as it is also believed that choosing a favorable name will bring the people involved great success, luck and fortune.

Numerology Individual Reports (4 pages) – AED 500.00

Numerology Business or Company Report (4 pages) – AED 500.00

Numerology Marriage/Couple Compatibility Report (4 pages) – AED 800.00