7 Chakra Pendulum

Before using your chakra pendulum as a divination tool, identify what chakras you will be working with first. You can work on just one if you wish, or try and clear and unblock them all. Here′s a brief review on each of the chakras and what they rule, to give you an idea on what questions are best for each chakra.

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Root: Imagine the color red. The element is earth. Imagine yourself standing barefoot on a dewy patch of grass or a dirt path. Feel your feet connected to the earth, rooted into the ground. Think of the sound LAM.

Sacral: Imagine the color orange. The element is water. Think of running tap water, a bath, or the ocean. Any body of water will do. Imagine water flowing down a stream or waves rolling in and out on the shore. Think of the sound VAM.

Solar Plexus: Imagine the color yellow. The element is fire. Imagine watching the flames of a fire or hearing the cracking sounds. Picture the bright yellow flames. Think of the sound RAM.

Heart: Imagine the color green (pink is also associated with the heart chakra). The element is air. Feel a breeze brushing your cheek. Or imagine the sound of your breath moving in and out of your body. Think of the sound YAM.

Throat: Imagine the color blue. The element is sound, any sound that is pleasing to your ears. It could be crashing waves, birds chirping, or children laughing. Think of the sound HAM.

Third Eye: Imagine the color violet. The element is light. It could be the sun rising or setting. The faint glow of candlelight or the bright light that emanates from a bulb. Think of the sound OM.

Crown: Imagine the color white. The element is thought. Imagine all of the thoughts swimming around in your mind. Imagine releasing your thoughts into the world, through the top of your head. Let go of your thoughts. The sound is silence, the space in the pause after the OM.

You may notice that the pendulum quickly begins swinging from a closed chakra to an open one. Sometimes it just takes focused mental energy on the chakra in order to open it. Other times, it may take a long time for the person to create images in the mind that open the chakra. And there are times when the chakra remains closed despite efforts to bring focused energy into opening it. There is nothing wrong with a closed chakra and in fact, it provides a starting point for exploration into the stagnant energy that is being held in that chakra and in our bodies. Sometimes it takes a deeper look for us to know how to heal a chakra and bring it back into balance.