Blue Opal

However, out of all these colours, green and purple fluorite are the most popular due to their properties and energies. Although I have seen some pink fluorite or fluorite with a pinkish colour to it. Not as nice as the green and purple in my opinion.

Some people refer to the purple and green Fluorite as Rainbow Fluorite.

Variations with green and purple fluorite are deeply coloured and have large beautiful crystals.

Others colours caused by hydrocarbon contamination can be removed by heating the crystal. Some dealers also apply oils to the stone to bring out the colour and increase stone lustre.

If one or more contaminants are present, the stone sometimes shows banded colours along with grading in the colouratio

Product Details

Opal promotes a calm and centered mind for prayer and meditation, allowing one to connect with the Earth and her spirit, and to experience the elemental joy of the natural world.

Common Opals vibrate at a lower frequency and are tremendously grounding for the emotional body, easing stress and bringing peace and tranquility.

Precious Opals carry an intense spiritual energy, magnifying emotions and allowing for deep inner work. They can take one to the roots of the psyche and are useful in soul retrieval and past-life recall. Fire Opals carry a frequency of ecstasy and can induce a passionate state of enlightenment, while Boulder Opals allow one to connect with earth and plant spirits.