Merlinite is a stone of duality… of black and white, light and dark, magic, good luck and dark night of the soul.

It may also take you to places where you make contact with the deeper, darker parts of yourself. It assists you to embrace things that happen, that are different to your normal way of living your life. Merlinite is a strong spiritual stone with the vibration of duality.

The vibration of this stone is very shamanistic, as it allows you to access the energy of the natural world and communicate with elementals.

It is a stone that stimulates deep intuition, psychic knowing and spiritual medium ship, and will aid you to make contact with guides and teachers in the higher realms.

It a stone of harmony that enhances creativity and clear psychic visions and it helps to access higher spiritual energy. But it is not only a stone for the light, as it may allow you to experience ‘dark night of the soul’ aspects of your higher-self.

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