Rami Shashati

Rami Shashati is a certified Pranic healer devoted on self-awareness, Holding bachelor Degree from Switzerland in Business Administration.

He received his first teaching of Pranic healing back in the year of 2000 after that he was doing meditation on a regular basis in order to improve his understanding for the energy fields, in the year of 2014 he came to Dubai and learned Violet Flame Reiki, in 2015 travelled to Bali and worked with healers which made him more eager to go back and finish his Pranic healing learning therefore he is holding four certificates in Pranic Healing.

In the year 2016 he travelled to Tibet which it was a great spiritual journey for him to expand his understanding for the ancient civilization and their modalities.

As per what Prana Means, Prana is a Sanskrit word which means life force a universal energy flowing in and around the body, Pranic Healing is an effective and powerful no-touch energy healing modality that uses ‘Life force’ to relieve physical and emotional ailments.

Prana is located in our Body’s chakras, as we go in life we cause blockages to those chakras those blockages could be happening through self-doing or done by others to us, the Pranic healer work would be to locate those blockages and clear them in order to restore energy flow in the body and retrieve balance to it, Pranic healing works successfully on helping the person to get relieved from addiction as well.