Sacred Feminine Circle & Workshops

Women are beautiful, wise and magical: nurturing, intuitive, sensual, emotional, intelligent, soulful… And so much more.

But life happens. And, sometimes, we lose the connection to our divine feminine essence. Sometimes, the Goddess in us is sleeping, hiding, looking to find her way back. She’s ready to feel alive, vibrant, confident, sacred, on purpose, at peace, inspired, in love.

The weekly Embodied Feminity Meditation is an invitation for us women to live fully in our feminine radiance.

It’s a weekly moving meditation to restore and elevate your feminine body, heart and mind.
It’s a space to connect, be seen, be heard and be supported.

In this sacred circle, you will:
– Heal your chakras
– Understand and balance your feminine energy
– Reclaiming the wisdom and pleasure in your feminine body
– Open up your heart to true connections, love and sacred intimacy
– Enjoy presence, clarity and inner peace

We start with a discussion around the weekly theme, then Silfath leads the group into a moving meditation designed to restore and elevate your feminine essence. We end with a Body Flow session: using movement to express, release and process.

Weekly themes:

breaking freeWeek 1: Body, Creation & Manifestation
Tuesday, 1 September from 7pm – 9pm

Week 2: Breaking Free
Tuesday, 8 September from 7pm – 9pm

Week 3: The Power of Surrender
Tuesday, 15 September from 7pm – 9pm

Week 4: Mystical Beauty
Tuesday, 29 September from 7pm – 9pm

Women’s Workshops

The Feminine Path to Success

Unlock Your Love Potential Workshop for Women

About the Facilitator – Silfath PintoSilfath Pinto

Silfath Pinto is a feminine awakening guide and magical living coach, an engaging teacher and wild giggler, a change maker and fearless dancer. Silfath passionate about living in a world where every woman celebrates how beautiful, unique and magical she is.

As a personal stylist and soulful feminine movement teacher, Silfath has guided hundreds of women in facing their fears, limiting beliefs and doubts to walk in power, grace, beauty and wisdom. She has traveled the world and seen how a hectic lifestyle and senseless perfection demands has affected women, deluding their power, eliminating their spark. From the the linear and structure career woman, the overwhelmed caretaker – mom, wife, daughter, sister– the disenchanted single woman, the diet junky, the hidden swan and more, Silfath discovered that all women are sharing the same struggles with their femininity.

Through her work and personal journey, she believes:

– The key to being happy is to cultivate a deep, loving and honest relationship with yourself. Engaging in a magical self-love affaire generates wholeness and happiness.

– Life is not about going through the motion it’s about dreaming, daring and loving. We are not here to settle or survive, we are here to shine and thrive.

– Embracing your divine feminine essence will add power, pleasure and magic in your life. It’s time to savour a better balance through emotions, surrender, flow, receptivity, intuition.

Through a unique fusion of lifestyles services and feminine awakening coaching, Silfath guides women to create a shift in their life. Sacred Feminine teachings, dance, soulful styling and mindset coaching blend together to help you savor feminine rapture and conscious living.

“I believe every woman is a treasure, a precious gemstone. Strong and delicate. Rare and magical. Unique and beautiful. My mission is to help every woman I work with embrace her brilliance and shine.

I believe in making everyday magical. Pleasure. Passion. Play.  Because today is really all we have. That’s why I transform the mondain and the practical into moment of pure pleasure where you are reminded how sacred you are, how magical life is. Presence. Practices and rituals.

I believe in making peace with the past, release the drama and reclaim our story. I believe in understanding the beauty of our unfolding in order to be in full ownership of who we are. Owning your Goodess journey to step into your power.

I believe in the wisdom in our feminine body. A woman can’t be in her light if she feels like a stranger in her body. Understanding, loving and listening to our body brings us in balance, creating a mind, body and spirit harmony.

I believe in taking responsibility for our brilliance. Living in your magnificence is a delicious and serious endeavor. No quick fix. Having the discipline to be free. Commitment and dedication. Sweet.”

– Silfath Pinto