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  • Couples Therapy
    For Couples

    Energy healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls for harmonization in Couples.

  • access_bars
    Access Bars

    Access Bars is a technique used to transform your life in a powerful way…Read More

  • sound_therapy_dubai
    Sound Therapy

    Sound Therapy is a neurologically oriented alternative healing modality that combines… Read More

  • Numerology

    Numerology is the science of numbers and their vibratory effect on our life...

  • Reiki Healing

    Reiki Healing is a ancient energy healing technique where...

  • Crystal Therapy

    Crystal Therapy is conducted by using powerful healing crystals...

  • Astrology Services Dubai

    Looking for Astrologers or Astrology Services in Dubai? Visit our astrology page and get introduced to the amazing world of astrology.

  • Theta Healing

    Technique used through which individuals experience instant healing ....

  • Feng Shui

    Ancient art that teaches us how to balance the energies ...

  • Hypnotherapy

    Used to take you in a state of deep relaxation in order to create subconscious ...

  • Reference Point Therapy

    Used where the practitioner clears any/all forms of trauma ...

  • Spiritual Response Therapy

    Technique through which the practitioner connects to the Higher Self in order to facilitate healing...

  • Tarot & Angel Card Reading

    The pack itself comprises 78 cards which combine to form the 'arcana' - symbolic representations of ancient

  • Family Constellation

    Attempts to reveal your subconscious though process in order to obtain an extensive understanding...

  • Chakra Balancing & Aura Reading

    Powerful energy healing techniques are used to align the Chakras and to cleanse the Aura… Read More..

  • At Miracles we offer a variety of wellness services that cater to individuals from all walks of life.

Our aim is to empower people in a way that has a lasting impact on the quality of their life. We are infinite beings that are having a human experience, whether it’s work, family, health or money, lets make it an enjoyable one with total ease and comfort.