Brain Education Middle East (BE-ME)

Brain Education Middle East (BE-ME)

Brain Education Middle East
The most recent and licensed regional chapter to a global organization network of Mind-Body training systems, Health as well as Education based Programs present in over 18 countries with close to 40 years of culminated research and experience in the field of health-science, happiness and peace.

It is a system that marries both Eastern Meridian based training and Western Neuroscience principles. Together offers a method for Self-Discovery, Management and Relief through all three layers of the brain:

  • Thought (Neo-Cortex, top layer of the brain),
  • Emotion & Memory (Lymbic System and secondary layer),
  • Physical function and action (Brain Stem responsible for physical and autonomous function of the body, the third layer).?

We cover a philosophy and training technique for how to self manage our condition for happier emotion, general emotional control and stability, clarity of mind through the body for better focus, concentration and mental wellbeing.

The presentations and sessions being offered are both informational and practical for attendees so to experience as well as understand the take-home methods they can practice and apply easily with all members of the family no matter the age or condition.

Participants may begin with a series of exercises that are designed to awaken the body and brain, make the brain more flexible and adaptable and free it from negative emotional experiences and habits. Based upon the five steps of Brain Education (sensitizing, versatilizing, refreshing, integrating and mastering)

By processing through each step, participants systematically learn how to integrate brain functions, enhance executive control and tap into their unlimited potential
The goal of Brain Education is to facilitate participants to realize that the power of the brain is not dependent upon age, role or circumstance but in the choices made in each moment.

Benefits of the program include improved attention and concentration, better memory, expanded imagination and creativity, more energy and stamina, mental sharpness, overall well-being and stress management


Upcoming Events

KiGong: The Healing Martial Art Workshop

Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 7:00 PM

Miracles Wellness Center
Icon tower 306 Tecom, near Byblos hotel Dubai, AE

2 BE-ME Members in DUBAI! Attending

Would you like to empower your body and mind in the way you truly want?Through this focus on the healing martial art, KiGong: DahnMuDo, you will experience the power of deep physical, energetic and spiritual training.We will invigorate the body physically and energetically and center the mind. DahnMuDo is an easy to follow, non-combative soft art…

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Brain Wave Vibration Workshop

Thursday, May 18, 2017, 7:00 PM

Miracles Wellness Center
Icon tower 306 Tecom, near Byblos hotel Dubai, AE

2 BE-ME Members in DUBAI! Attending

Move and untangle blockages in the body for better overall circulation. Shake it off with music, sound, and rhythm. Let go and have fun in this one!Brain Wave Vibration is a rhythmical training method used to synchronize your physical and energy body to find stillness in your mind.PHYSICAL•Cardiovascular fitness•Improved circulation•Better st…

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ShimSung™ Finding True Self Workshop DUBAI

Friday, May 19, 2017, 2:00 PM

Metropolitan Hotel
Thanya Street Dubai, AE

3 BE-ME Members in DUBAI! Attending

You can purchase Tickets Here or in Eventbrite… are you beyond your emotions? Who are you beyond your thinking? Do you know who you really are and what is your life’s purpose? Open your heart far and wide and get your answers at our 2 day Shi…

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Initial Consultation Session – Smart Brain Overview

In the initial consultation the client is assessed using a Smart Brain Device.

This is a specialized measuring device of brain utilization ability for Brain Trainers, who have the ‘Brain Trainer license’ which is the only brain-related certificate accredited by Department of Education in South Korea. Brain Trainers’ Association and Korean Institute of Brain Science co-developed the Smart Brain device in order to measure the ability to utilize brain through brainwaves, and to utilize it for professional brain training.

Smart Brain adopted Brain Test™ for its cognitive function test, which is based on IBREA Brain Test researched and developed by a world-famous neurophysiologist Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg (New York University) and IBREA (International Brain Education Association).

It shows the measured brainwave results as standardized points and graphs, so that it’s easy to understand the relation between brainwave indexes, and it can be well used for objective and holistic consultation of brain utilization ability.

Smart Brain was developed by Rockssa company as the result of “Brain Frontier Project” by Department of Education and Science in South Korea. Standardized brainwave data were applied for Smart Brain.

After the assessment, the client is then taken though a healing session along with physical activity pertaining to resolve their particular life situation.

It is suggested to wear, loose comfortable clothing, free for training and movement.


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About the Facilitator – Master DaAe Kim

DaAe is a Brain Trainer, qualified and certified by the Korean Government and is a Self-Healing Coach Trainer qualified in the State of Arizona, USA. She has worked for 17 years as a professional trainer in meditation and breathing including KiGong, Korean style of Tai Chi, in both Korea and the USA.

Her education focuses on Women’s Studies from the Ehwa Women’s Graduate School in Korea. As a professional women’s study expert, she understand and addresses women’s life issues related to family and work. DaAe can guide you on how you can self-heal and recover self-confidence and also consults on managing a method to train your brain.
She has traveled to more than 16 countries living in the USA, Austraila, and Korea, and has met many different cultures of people in her work and studies. From this, DaAe carries a big power of understanding people.

About the facilitator – Mohammed Abu Zeinab
Mohammed is a Master Brain Educator, trained in Korea and the USA, attaining an MBA in Global Management and MSc in Global Marketing. He has placed a goal to help corporations and communities develop a true sense of self and value, raising the spirit of each individual to ultimately create benefit for all.

His education focuses on the human psyche, neuroscience and meridian methods for holistic mind-body strength and relief. Mohammed is a life practitioner of Expressive and Martial Arts, and can help both youth as well as adults develop further life value and character through technique and philosophy for self-examination, self-challenge and growth.
Mohammed has received and enjoys a fuller and more grateful life; a gift he truly wishes shared with others. “I believe a truly recovered brain loves challenges, enjoys creativity and wants Peace.”