Soul Readings, Healings, Workshops and Meditations with Tara Love Perry

Free Seminar on Soul Reading, Healing, Forgiveness & Embodying Unconditional Love

How could having your Soul read benefit you? How might being so deeply ‘seen’ assist you in your personal and spiritual growth?
And how can we use the greatest powers of Love and Forgiveness to heal anything that ails or hinders us from being our absolutely Divine, Healthy and Unlimited Human Potential?

Tara will be sharing information about her unique and birth-given abilities, and how Soul Reading & Healing sessions facilitate
a Spiritual Embodiment. She will also speak about the current evolutionary Quickening that’s happening on the planet and her other seminars and 1-day workshop.

She shares about the importance of conscious conception and absolute Love as a reality, not a dream, and how we can attain both.

“Tara is an amazing clairvoyant – healer. She is compassionate, engaging and very inspirational…
She taught me that Love is an inside job first and foremost …. She made me transcend my mundane realities and revived the spark of live in me that was buried and long forgotten…”

Time: 1.5 hours (May go 30 minutes over time)
Cost: Free
Date: 15th October 2014
Time: 7.30-8.30pm 

No Booking Required. Just show up and bring your friends



“Return to Inner-Senses” – Seminar with Follow up Workshop

Deepening Self-Trust & The Power Of Your Extra Sensory Abilities

Many of us are now ending a long cycle of the soul in this life-time and entering into a new paradigm, or frequency of Life. We are returning back to the Source, back to our Innocence, and back to our Essence where we shall find the rich rewards of wisdom; an integration of lessons learned, a pure peace and ultimate Love.

This place of sublime wisdom, innocence and peace is within us. It’s who we are and where we began. Your Innocence and Inner-senses are connected, since all babies are born sensitive. Through many trials and errors, lessons learned and understandings integrated, eventually we may become the Master of our own lives. We have already been given the tools; the Inner-Senses, which when honed, sharpened and put to use, we can carve and sculpt our lives and create a Master Peace of ourselves.

So, we’ll explore why people shut down their senses, or do not realise they have them, and how we can ‘open up’, accept and utilise them.

What Would It be Like If You Accessed More of Your Mind and Your Innate Inner Knowledge?

Imagine How Your Work And Relationships Might Benefit If You Felt More Fundamentally Connected to Yourself?

What Would You be Capable Of If You Allowed Your Extra-Sensory Abilities To Flourish?
Our awareness IS heightening at this time, but it can often be scary, overwhelming, uncontrollable or hard to manage.

– Do you feel ‘too much’, or feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy?
– Do you get insights, messages or visions but often don’t follow and trust them?
– Do you feel a connection with Angels or Spirit and want to strengthen it?
– Do you ‘hear’ voices and need to harness, control and channel it?
– How do you tell the difference between your head and your heart?
– Would you like to know what’s ‘Yours’ and what’s ‘theirs’ and feel protected and strong in yourself?

Tara shares her story of how her senses remained intact as a child and how they became developed. She has worked professionally and internationally as a Psychic, Soul-Reader, Channel and Energy Healer for 12 years.
During the Seminar there will be time for Q&A and group participation.

IN THE WORKSHOP you will learn essential laws that govern energy and our bodies. By understanding these simple laws and attuning yourself accordingly, you can maximise your sprit/body connection and learn how to create greater ease and flow in your life.

If you’ve never tried using your extra sensory power, or feel that you need Guidance and Protection,
or if you want to unlock, awaken to, or enhance your existing abilities, deepening your self-trust, then this 1 day workshop is perfect for you. Being validated and having a ‘safe space’ to play is really important, so with simple, fun and yet profound exercises we gain deeper access within ourselves, work in pairs and with the group as a whole. This is an opportunity to expand your own limits!
We will Develop and Practise:

– How to stay Grounded, Safe and Psychically Protected
– How to connect to someone’s Energy Field
– Unlocking your Senses, or increasing the Volume.
– How to ‘Read’ or Sense someone Visually, with the eyes and inner-eyes,
– Kinaesthetically through touch and scanning, and Empathically through feeling.
– Opening the Channels for Channeling
– Looking into the ‘past’
– Looking into the ‘Future’

Attend this Seminar and Follow-up Workshop where Tara will bring into clarity and focus what is happening to you and why, what needs to happen to bring harmony and balance within yourself and power to your Extra Sensory Abilities.

You will emerge believing in yourself in a whole new way. You will feel more confident, centred and grounded in your body and soul ~ validated for who you are and on the road to Self  Mastery.

“This has been an illuminating and transformational course, which has changed my experience of myself and the world in extraordinary ways. I have begun to love and trust myself and the world as never before, and developed a real hunger for an ever-deepening awareness. I have found my orientation as a human being, I am not crazy.”  – Year Course level student, UK

Seminar Time: 7- 9pm with Q&A
Seminar Date: Thursday 16th october 2014
Seminar Cost: 150 AED

Follow-up Workshop Time: 2-6pm approx
Workshop Date: Friday 17th October
Workshop Cost: 400 AED


Her workshops this year are the introductory levels of the Year Course Foundation Training in Soul Reading, Channeling & Energy Healing that she will be bringing to Dubai next year!


Living From Your Soul and Embodying Spirit Seminar.

What does living from the Soul mean?

The Soul is a library of memories and stories, passed from life-time to life-time and encoded with the genetic blue print of our ancestry. These un-concious and sub-concious memories interact with us in day to day life, mostly without us realizing it. 

Whilst on one hand is is important to acknowledge where we’ve been and what we have to learn from the so-called “past” we can understand that we are not just our stories, and that there’s much more to us. But with many people solely living from the mind, or a limited version of it and narrowed perception, the bigger picture of who we are is often ignored and left unexplored. Or we will try to work everything out using the wrong tools for the job! Instead of escaping ourselves or going crazy trying to figure it, we can go inwards, grow and learn through it. We can embrace the truth of Now. 

In this seminar you will hear about the Spirit/Body relationship, how it works and why it matters.

And how the ungrounded spirit is the base cause of illness. Tara talks about ‘The Search’ for truth and higher meaning, and how it can frequently leave us feeling more lost, confused and alone.

We will also learn more about the repeated patterns of ‘old stories’ haunting us in our relationships and causing stumbling blocks in our life path. How our Soul state also has a fundamental effect on our business or work. And to live from the soul would mean bringing awareness, love and harmony to those challenges, and align ourselves with a greater purpose.

How to live from the soul and truly embody one’s fullest expression of Self is the road to Mastery, and this talk aims to shed a little light of clarity and make the way seem more open to you, with practical guidance.

Time: 7-9pm
Date: Saturday 18th October 14
Cost: AED 150.00



One-on-One Transformational Sessions Available – 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22  October 2015

A Typical Soul Reading & Healing Session With Tara Love Perry is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

Using her highly developed sixth senses she simply ‘Reads’ you, without cards or crystal balls, giving you a deeply insightful overview of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. She will often place her hands on your energy field to gain more detailed information.

Reading from the ‘Library of Your Soul’, Tara is able to see, hear and interact with any residue, unresolved memories stored energetically in your aura which are still actively creating the blueprint of your present life experience.

With your permission and with gentle guidance, she facilitates a profound clearing, releasing and healing of old wounds, negative patterns, buried traumas and anything that needs to be brought back into balance for your overall harmony.

She facilitates and empowers life transformation and Spiritual Embodiment, aligning your masculine and feminine energies, for your total wellbeing.

Tara works on your entire being, from your dreams & belief systems, right down to your birth & conception, and into the cells and DNA of your body. She act as a mirror, revealing parts of yourself that you would otherwise find impossible to see,leaving you feeling so acknowledged, validated & peacefully relieved.

Also available Soul Readings for Relationships and Soul Readings for Business.

Time: 1 Hour or 2 Hour Sessions
Dates: 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22  October
Times: 10am – 7pm
Cost: 600 AED per hour

Please note: All cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at the full rate, including missed appointments. Thank you.