Sound Energy Saturdays

Sound Energy Saturdays with Lawrence Michael Enderle

A Dynamic Four-Week Experience Creating Sacred Sound
Every Saturday beginning November 2, from 6:30pm – 8.00pm

Value: AED 300 for 4 sessions or AED 95.00 per session

Sound Energy Saturday is an experience that will enhance your well-being and change your life. If you want to discover how sound as vibration and vibration as energy can be channeled to access your gateway to higher consciousness with journeying experiences, then this is for you.

We begin with silence and end with silence and in-between we will learn to create Sacred Sound together that will synchronize our vibrational bodies for harmony, health, wholeness and spiritual evolution. From the silence with breath, we slowly introduce the hum towards Sacred Sound with a mindful intention for clearing, cleansing and charging. We will lead everyone to the self-created vocal chakra tones and use them for meditation, self-healing and global healing with peace and love. Within this sacred space, we will move energy through self-created vocal sound techniques to elevate our consciousness frequencies to pure love. Furthermore, we will teach a different Mantra each Saturday allowing us to deepen our connection with the Divine through powerful vocal chanting experiences.

We are not creating music, we are creating Sacred Sound to work with the etheric body, the energy fields, and the vortexes known as the chakras or energy gateways. For this four-week experience we will bring in the light with every breath and generate love through Sacred Sound. Lawrence will use drums, flutes, gongs, shakers, rattles, conch shell and other instruments to enhance the Sacred Sound experience with music.

Each Sound Energy Saturday will build on the previous session, join us from the start and we will all finish three steps beyond . . . .

“Sound is vibration and vibration is energy. Energy is matter and with healing intention, harmonic energy brings wholeness and healing to matter. Sound heals”. – Lawrence Michael Enderle, Sound Energy Practitioner


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