Surviving Recession with Feng Shui

28 August 2018
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28 August 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Surviving Recession with Feng Shui

With the economy on a downward trend, how can you use Feng Shui to help stay afloat during this recession?

The simple answer is that a few Feng Shui adjustments can stop your ship of fortune from sinking, keep wealth flowing and help make your home recession-proof despite a poor economy. Feng Shui is the art and science of arranging the décor of your home and office in the correct way to attract healthy energy and good luck.

Here are two important and easy Feng Shui adjustments that will definitely help in attracting and retaining wealth:

1) Clear Clutter

In Feng Shui, clutter represents repressed energy, postponed decisions and the inability to move forward in your life. Think about that for a while as you stare at the piles of paper on your desk, the unworn clothes in your closet and the months of unread magazines in your family room. Since nothing new comes into your life until you make room for it, you need to start clearing out the old stuff you are holding on to in order to make room for wealth to flow into your life.

If you can’t decide whether an object is clutter or a keeper, ask yourself these six questions:

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I need it?
  3. Does it reflect who I am at this point in my life?
  4. Does it have positive emotional attachment?
  5. If it needs to be repaired am I willing to pay to fix it now?
  6. If I moved tomorrow would I pay a mover to take it with me?

If your answer was No to any one of the questions, the item is clutter and out it goes.

A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. Make sure you clear clutter with a prosperity consciousness (that is, I can afford to replace the item in the future if I need it) rather than a poverty consciousness (I might never have enough money to replace the object in the future). Get rid of clutter today and make room for wealth to flow into your home tomorrow.

2) Repair and Fix

Feng Shui is about rearranging your surroundings to set the intention for something good to happen to you – like a bigger bank balance, a lower mortgage rate or a higher salary. While you are waiting for these big intentions to come flowing through the front door, it is important not to neglect the small things that contribute to a feeling of prosperity. If you ignore things that need to be repaired, replaced or removed, you set an intention of neglect; when you keep them in a good condition, your intention is one of abundance.

Here are 10 simple repairs you can start with to attract wealth:

  • 1. Maintain your front door – The front door is considered the place from where all good energy enters your home; an unkempt or faded door repels wealth but a clean and well-kept door attracts prosperity.
  • 2. Replace fused light bulbs – If your rooms are dark, so is your financial future. Replace burned out light bulbs and brighten your possibilities to attract wealth.
  • 3. Clean your windows – Windows are the eyes of your home; dirty windows cloud your vision but clean windows represent a clear view of the opportunities coming your way.
  • 4. Remove dead plants – Dead plants symbolize dead energy; replace them with healthy living plants to signify growth in your life.
  • 5. Remove clutter from under your bed – If you have too many unused objects under your bed you won’t sleep well; lost sleep results in missed opportunities for prosperity.
  • 6. Repair broken mirrors – If you have a broken mirror in your home it can keep you from seeing things smoothly and it warps anything it reflects; remove or replace it so you can reflect a smooth view of prosperity, e.g. dining table with fruit bowl for abundance.
  • 7. Keep the toilet lid down and drains covered – If your toilet lids are open and drains uncovered, you are symbolically flushing and draining your finances away; keep them covered and keep your wealth.
  • 8. Fix drips and leaks – Leaking water represents leaking wealth; stop the dripping and you will stop the leaking away of your abundance
  • 9. Remove old food from the fridge – Food and wealth are closely related so if you have old, half-used or stale food in the fridge, you are squandering your wealth.
  • 10. Clean your stove – Make sure the burners on your stove are in good working order because this also relates to your ability to feed people; immediately fix any non-working burners. Stoves represent wealth and should always be kept clean and uncluttered.

Whether or not you are worried about a recession, when you clear clutter, you open up room for wealth to flow into your home; fix broken things and you remove whatever is blocking prosperity from entering your life.


  • The centre of your space is the Taichi or Health area. It is supported by Earth. Keep this area completely clutter free and clean.
  • Sit in the most powerful position in your office or study room – the corner located diagonally opposite the entrance to your room and always try to face your best direction.
  • A picture of a mountain behind you symbolizes the best kind of support and protection and a water feature in front of you or a painting depicting water in front of you is very auspicious. Never do this vice-versa as water behind and mountain in front means serious loss and harm.
  • Cover all open shelves as they are poison arrows that severely cut your energy.
  • Two natural crystals like amethyst or quartz on SW of your desk, usher in good fortune.
  • Never keep any important files or documents pertaining to your business or bank or property, on the floor, under the table, in the basement or next to a toilet or dustbin.
  • Energize your important investment and business documents, files, checkbooks etc. by taping three Chinese coins on the top left corner of them.
  • A signature is said to attract great prosperity and success for a person if it starts with a firm upward stroke and then ends with another firm upward stroke.
  • Never sit, eat or sleep under a beam.
  • Water means wealth. Use water features like cascades, fountains or aquariums to usher in wealth and prosperity.
  • Bright up lighters placed in your good directions tend to lift the energy immensely.
  • Energize the foundation plus other areas like the entrance door, foyer, etc. of your home or office, while it is being constructed, by placing coins correctly in all the 8 directions.
  • Invest in a powerful Feng Shui consultation.

Feng Shui can keep the flow of energy in your life, smooth and nurturing. The energy in your home will keep you calm when other people are in a state of panic. When your heart beat is calm, your mind is focused and your energy alert, you can think and see better when others cannot. When everyone else is focusing on their problems, you have the clarity to make you see beyond at the bigger picture. This is when you become the winner and have the good sense to be in the right place at the right time.

If you feel uncomfortable and cannot breathe properly, you need to Feng Shui the energy of your space. Please do not leave everything to the last minute as it could mean missed chances and ill-health. This is why people need to keep their mind, body and spirit healthy.  Please do not let the outside energy influence your home life.

By using Feng Shui in your space, you can actually help the economy of the country and in turn the rest of the world. Be happy, healthy and hopeful always!

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