Valentines Special - Spreading the Love

Love is the most powerful feeling that can be experienced and expressed by human beings all over the world. Our entire existence revolves around giving, receiving, experiencing and celebrating love. Some fall in love.. others rise in love and as we go through so many experiences in our life, we finally come to understand that everything is love and it is this love that connects us to each other.

This Valentines we would like to give thanks, honor and share the love with everyone around us. We welcome you to enjoy our special services this month that will inspire you to open your hearts and celebrate the very reason of our existence.

Join us from the 9th – 15th of February at the Miracles Center to celebrate our Valentines Week where you can participate in various workshops, discussion groups and meditations centered around Love & Relationships.

Please see below our specials for the month:

Tarot Card Reading : Love & Relationship Spread – All Month!

Sign up now for an insightful Tarot Card reading with Sunita Mathur to know more about your love life and what you could expect from your relationships in this year!

Special: Buy one session, Get one FREE!


Sound Healing Sessions for Clearing & Balancing Your Chakras – 22 February 2014 from 10.00am – 4.00pm

Sound Healing private sessions conducted by Sound Therapist Lawrence Michael Enderle,  through Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls open up all blockages in your Chakras and bring you into ultimate balance and harmony.

Special: By Donations


 The Emotion Code for Tearing Down Your HeartWall – Every Saturday this month from 3pm – 5pm

This Valentines completely open up to love by tearing down your heart-wall in 15 -20 minute private sessions conducted by Najoua.

A heart-wall?! Yes! Trapped emotions such as hurt, sorrow, grief will often gather and form a barrier of protection around the heart, creating a “Heart Wall” that may block you from giving and receiving love freely.

We are offering you the possibility to free yourself from these trapped emotions and unleash your heart full potential to give and receive love, and experience life more fully an all levels.

Special: By Donation


Spiritual Response Therapy for Love & Relationships – All Month!

This month our Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Aastha Dhawan clears any blocks or imbalances you may have to love and relationships through the Spiritual Response Therapy Healing technique.

Special: Buy one session, Get one FREE!


Reiki Healing for Love

Heal your life and your heart this month with Reiki Healing Sessions at Miracles. Our Reiki Healing Practitioner will will guide you into a state of over all health and inner peace through the Reiki Healing technique. These sessions will empower you to heal your heart and truly celebrate the love in your life.

Special: Buy one session, Get one FREE!

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