Vansa Bali

Vansa Bali is an Angel Intuitive, Reiki Practioner and Holistic Coach and practices Spiritual Response Therapy to clear, heal and restore balance in the individual at a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

From a young age she has been fascinated by people and human behavior and has always strived to enjoy and live life to her fullest potential.

Her interest in energy healing and successful experiences with it lead her to understand the intricate interconnection of the mind, body and soul in forming our life experiences and challenges too. She now integrates her understanding with her therapy to help others heal and align to their Divine Life Mission so that they can enjoy abundance and rekindle their connection with the Divine.

She has graduated in Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience from Northeastern University, Boston.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

  • Break damaging patterns of behavior.
  • Dissolve minor and major health issues at the DNA/cellular level.
  • Improving personal relationships.
  • Clears limiting beliefs to prosperity and abundance.
  • Connect to inner guidance and spiritual support.
  • Mitigate or eliminate phobias, allergies, intolerances etc.
  • Dissolve addictions/addictive behaviors.
  • Remove blocks to positive self-expression, including love, success and abundance.
  • Improve your self-esteem and gain clarity of life purpose.

Connecting with the Angels

Angel readings offer the client an opportunity to seek insights into any specific area of their life they wish to improve by asking the Archangels and Ascended Masters for guidance and support. During the session, we connect with the Angels to answer your questions related to key areas of your life such as Love, Family, Soul Purpose, Money, Career and Business.

Sound  & Vibrational Therapy

This is form of therapy that uses the power of sound and frequency to diagnose and clear energy blocks or diseases in the body. Here  we use a variety of Tibetan singing bowls, each attuned to the frequency of the chakras to create a soothing sound that induce a deep sense of peace and relaxation. We then  research and release stress, tension, aches and pains at a cellular level in the chakras and in the various spiritual bodies.

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