Vocal Energy Healing & Sound Therapy with Eleanor Fye

This January Miracles welcomes Eleanor Fye back to Dubai!

Join us at Miracles with Eleanor Fye to express yourself in a way you may never have before! Opening your Vocal energy, aligning yourself with the heart, your over all sense of wellbeing and so much more.

Who is Eleanor Fye? 

Eleanor Fye Profile PicEleanor Fye is a professional singer, certified hypnotherapist, and energy medicine practitioner. She has been called a “consummate musician” with “the voice of an angel.” She has worked in Fortune 500 corporate settings (including almost 8 years at Microsoft), small businesses, and as a self-employed consultant and musician/teacher. She has sung on major video game and movie soundtracks, has recorded her original songs in Nashville and Los Angeles, and has performed in cathedrals, jazz clubs, theaters, and stadiums for audiences of one to over 15,000 people. Most recently, she studied sound and vibrational therapy with two of the international leaders in the field: Fabien Maman in Switzerland, and Jonathan Goldman in Colorado, USA. She completed the Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Course at the Omega Institute in New York. Based in Berkeley, California, she enjoys cooking, hiking, dancing, and yoga.

View Eleanor Fye’s Schedule of Events this month and come be a part of something that will transform you forever!

Vocal Energy Therapy® Awareness Talk and Meditation
Date & Time:Friday, 16 January: 6pm – 7:30pm & Repeated on 19 January: 6.30pm – 7.30pm  & Tuesday, 20 January 11am – 12pm
Value: By Donation

Have you wanted to express something that’s inside you, or perhaps always wanted to sing or speak more comfortably, but your physical voice (or your inner voice) is inhibited by tension or ‘phlegm’? What is your voice trying to tell you?

Vocal Energy Therapy is a method for using the voice as a reflective and restorative tool to bring balance and flow to the energy field, and to enhance self-awareness and expression. It integrates a variety of self-healing tools from hypnotherapy, energy medicine, communications, and more to provide insight into emotions, choices, and communication.

Benefits of this practice include:
– Increased self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-love
– Increased connection to intuition
– Bolstered confidence and presence
– Enhanced creativity and expression
– Empowered physical voice
– Reduced stress and anxiety

Join us in this Free Awareness Talk with Eleanor Fye followed by a meditation.

Workshop: Aligning Voice, Lifestyle, and Livelihood
Date & Time : Saturday, 17 January: 10am – 5pm
Value: AED 750.00

As more people awaken to a higher level of consciousness, there are more challenges and opportunities to bring our authenticity and our unique creative voices to work and life. The world needs our unique voices now more than ever.

How can you create your own balanced approach to work and life that begins with your best “voice” in the world, and helps make the world a better place?

This workshop is a fun and relaxing way to get in touch with and recover your inner child’s sense of wonder, joy, and “voice.” This can bring positive changes in your energy and motivation, transform your practical decision-making in daily life, and spark your creativity and ability to adapt to change.

The workshop begins with a progressive, lying-down meditation using a variety of vocal toning techniques to explore and clear imbalances in the emotional or physical energy body. Then, by accessing the subconscious along with conscious awareness and the imagination, new (combinations of) ideas and information appear that may not have been considered before.

The second part of the workshop is in interactive master class format, working with individuals using a process for discovering and transforming negative beliefs related to the voice and expression.

Topics covered include:
– Creating a personal “safe space” resonant field
– Effortless toning on the breath
– Empowering chakra meditation
– Reflecting and restoring energy with the voice
– Spontaneous sounding and melodizing
– Opening the full-spectrum voice
– Finding your fundamental tone
– Voice-firmations® empowering affirmations

Connect to Your Inner Voice Meditation
Date & Time: Tuesday, 20 January 10:00am – 11:00am
Value: AED 50.00

Learn to use your voice to reflect, release, and restorative energy and to bring balance to your energy field. Create your own “safe space” resonant field aligning your mental, emotional, physical, and spirit bodies. Feel the energy of your own voice in harmony with others.

Vocal Energy Therapy integrates a variety of self-awareness and self-healing tools from hypnotherapy, energy medicine, communications, and more to help you gain insight into your emotions, choices, and communication in relationship to your self and others.

Benefits of this practice include:
– Increases self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-love
– Increases connection to intuition
– Bolsters confidence and presence
– Enhances creativity and expression
– Empowers the physical voice
– Reduces stress and anxiety

Join us in this guided vocal meditation and experience your own voice!

Workshop: Love Your Voice, Love Yourself
Date & Time:  Monday, 19 January 2015 ; 7pm – 9pm
Value: AED 250.00

Have you felt in relationships, or at work, like your voice or your ability to express your truth is constricted or tense? Have you wanted to speak or sing with more confidence and comfort, but feel shy or unsafe?

This Vocal Energy Therapy® workshop introduces a handful of self-healing tools from hypnotherapy, energy medicine, communications, and more to help you gain insight into your voice and how it reflects and informs your emotions,
choices, and communication in relationship with your self and others.

Topics covered include:
– Using your voice to create a resonant “safe space”
– Feeling fully through toning
– Giving your self voice
– Recovering joy and motivation
– “Hearting” the mind for a calming effect
– Effortless singing and speaking

Private Sessions with Eleanor Fye are also available. Book today to get a private experience of healing through the voice and sacred sounds.