Working with Addictions Weekend Course with Melissa Tiers

WORKING WITH ADDICTIONS  –  A 2-day intensive weekend course on 24th – 25th March 2017, from 9am – 5pm

Guest International Trainer – Melissa Tiers, Founder: Centre for Integrative Hypnosis, New York, USA

Melissa Tiers is a rising star in the field combining Classical and Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Cognitive, Behavioural and Energy Psychology, with the latest research in neuroscience and mind-body medicine. She is in great demand around the world for her dynamic live teaching sessions and regularly presents in Switzerland, Germany, the UK and USA. Her presentation at the 2015 APHP Conference was the high point of the conference, typical of her clear, succinct, pragmatic, integrative and engaging approach. We were so impressed with her work that we have added one of her books, Integrative Hypnosis: A Comprehensive Course in Change to the list of compulsory course set textbooks on our Diploma course.

“Having had the privilege of being trained by Melissa I can say with assurance that she possesses a rare ability to transform theory into practice effortlessly. Her knowledge base in the field is encyclopedic; her enthusiasm contagious, her ability to clarify complex concepts in a simple and therapeutically relevant manner is exemplary. Couple with that an incisive sense of humour that gets appropriately integrated into her interventions and a sensitivity to recognize and resonate with the best learning styles for each of her students and you are in for a life-enriching experience.” – Dr Henry Spitz, M.D., DFAPA, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons & Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association

Think of any addiction as a habit in the brain that creates a network of association—as some neuroscientists like to say, “the cells that fire together, wire together.” What this means for an addiction is that each time you do the drug, drink the drink or engage in your ‘addictive’ activity, you are strengthening those connections.

Athletes will have thicker and denser neurons that are associated with the muscles used for their sport. London cab drivers have thicker neurons in the area of the brain associated with navigation and addicts have a more robust area devoted to the patterned response.

The more we reinforce the pattern the thicker and stronger the cluster of neurons becomes. And as that happens, it becomes much more difficult to control them.

But new research in neuroscience tells us that the brain is malleable and capable of changing even the most ingrained patterns. So, each time you stop the craving, urge or the habituated feelings that lead to them, you are working to rewire the brain. And it’s a lot easier than you think.

On this acclaimed course you’ll learn the basic protocol that Melissa has been using, which has three levels.

At the first level, we arm people with the understanding of how habits are formed and changed in the brain. We give them five different techniques to stop cravings and more importantly, the emotions that lead to them. You will learn about the research that concludes that the best way to change the habit is to interrupt it and connect the neurons to those outside the network. So the techniques will offer relief from the cravings while systematically rewiring the habit.

This includes:

– Bi-lateral stimulation
– Peripheral vision
– Open focus brain
– Faster EFT
– Craving elimination anchor
– Vagus nerve stimulation (heart breathing/jaw dropping)

The second level of the protocol works to change the emotional impact of past traumas, associations, and the negative beliefs and emotions that many addicts carry around. These techniques are based on the research of memory reconsolidation and the fact that we can change significantly the power of implicit memories which then makes it easier to heal and move on. You will also learn how to re encode and install positive beliefs and motivators.

This includes:

– Visual squash
– Three step reframe
– Re imprinting
– Time line techniques
– Belief change process through submodalities
– Meta pattern for triggers
– Family resolution process

The third level is about personal power. Teaching addicts to develop alternative strategies for reward. Based on the work around willpower and meaning making, we help them cultivate a new values hierarchy. Fostering a sense of community and purpose by having addicts connect to groups and individuals in need.

This includes:

– Self-hypnosis template
– Wise advocate process
– Goal repetition technique
– Coaching model
– Narrative journal
– Generative change model

Numbers are strictly limited, so hurry and book your place now!

Standard Fee: AED 2,950.00            

Early bird Rate:  AED 2,450.00 (payable by 19th March at the latest).

To register, contact us to complete the Registration Form along with evidence of payment.

There will also be a FREE INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP led by Melissa on the evening of Thursday, 23rd March at Taijitu House of OM. Please ask for details.

CONTACT: Dr Leila Edwards, Principal and MD, Transformations Institute SMS/Whatsapp: +971 (0) 50 474 5613

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