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Access Consciousness/ Access Bars therapy is an approach to explore one’s consciousness to see life in different perspectives. This therapy allows you to access your own consciousness to affect change to anything you desire positively. It helps in creating an environment that helps one to embrace the existence of the world without judging the elements.

Access Bars was created by Gary M Douglas two decades ago. Today this therapy has touched the lives of many people including children, enabling them to break their mental barriers, limitations, discrepancies, and problems, creating the ideal life that they deserve.

Access Consciousness also offers dynamic tools and techniques that release individuals from their fixed judgments about their self and others.

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Access Consciousness is based on 3 main factors:

  1. Ask Questions to the Universe – Every aspect of life that we perceive depends on a point of view. Change the reality by ‘Asking a Question’. How does it get better? What is possible other than what is at present? Ask the question to the universe and then embrace it for direct communication with cosmic reality. Affirmations matter to play with positive possibilities.
  2. The Clearing Statement – Many modalities eliminate limitations built around words and actions. Access Consciousness clears the negative energy including cognitive or logical conclusions held energetically by the self. The potency of Access Consciousness Clearing Statement is how it eliminates hidden notions that were keeping you stuck! No need to be afflicted by pain and suffering. The Clearing Statement turns your consciousness into mush and clears all limiting factors.
  3. The Bars & Body Processes- With more than 50 energetic processes, the therapy rests on the foundation of Bars. ‘Running your bars’ releases all blockages within every life function, creating hitherto unexpected dynamic changes that makes life better.

A typical Access Bars sessions takes 1 day; the complete Access Foundation course takes 4 days; Access Energetic Face lift takes up 1 day, the “Being You” module takes 2 days, and the Body Processes is a 4-hour workshop opening multiple possibilities.

Know more about the modules and courses, check out the schedule for the sessions, and attend workshops for “Access Consciousness” at Miracles Worldwide today!

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What is Access consciousness?

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