Aromatherapy for Alcholoism

There are several reasons why people deal with alcoholism. The most common is when it is on the genetic level and the other is an imbalance on an emotional or psychological level. However, too much of anything creates an imbalance in the body and mind.

The 2 aromatherapy oils that are most effective in treating alcoholism are:

1.    Clary Sage essential oil

2.    Fennel essential oil

There are several ways they can be used. An aromatherapy massage can be given mixing 3-4 drops in a carrier oil such as Almond or Olive oil. A few drops can also be put in a diffuser or oil burner. A couple of drops can also be put on a piece of cloth and the aroma can be inhaled.

These oils work on a mental, physical and emotional level as they decrease the influence of psychological reasons that push people to consume alcohol. It brings clarity to situations.

Note: By no means should the above be used as a replacement for medicine or other medical practices. It can be used in addition to any treatment.